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  • New Lighting Idea??

    Hey Guys,

    So I have absolutely no affiliation with this link, but I recently ordered some of these for accent lighting for a lycra dj booth facade I'm getting made for me, and thought they could be really useful to the way we light our haunts!

    Essentially, they're strips of led lights with double sided tape, so they can be stuck anywhere, and are controlled via a wireless remote control and you can cut to fit your needs!! Haunts typically use low lighting anyway, so why not stick these tiny things just about anywhere??

    Here's the link to what I used,

    But there's plenty of retails out there and so many different options, I believe American DJ makes their own too. They're so affordable, I mean, 16ft for only $85, that's 300 leds!

    Not to say DarkLight isn't AMAZING, because they are, but these are a great substitute for coverage a larger area...atleast in my opinion. Has anyone else used led strips before??

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    You know, ive never seen these used, but i've been eye-balling them myself for a while now. There are several types that each rgb (and sometimes rgbUV) pixel can be assigned an independant DMX 512 channel. This means you can build an entire room to incorporate color changing lighting (regular fading to uv even) or various other AWESOME effects. you can even play video with this stuff connected to the right software/hardware combo.


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      Doesn't mini guys carry the l.e.d. Strips? Thought I saw them at their booth once.



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        I don't know if mini spotlight does or not, I only know them for their spotlights.

        And Mat, yeah, I would kill to put together a crazy room running some insane DMX controls...but I don't think any haunts really spend that much time or money lighting a single room hahaha, but for higher end DJ events nothing is more fun than breaking out a control board and just lighting the place up like the fourth of july!

        I like how simple these are with the remote, so an actor can discreetly control going from fully lit to pitch black, move right infront of the customers face and wirelessly throw the light back on, that's such a simple yet amazing effect, and it's so easy to change colors, so it can go from year to year without having to switch bulbs or anything, it's built in to change to just about any needed color a haunt could ask for!

        Definitely going to be playing with these!!


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          hmm... these could be fun with chroma depth haunts too... Light a greyscale-painted prop with a blue light (item appears farthest away), when triggered flash through the color spectrum sequentially until you get to true red, and in theory the item would "rush" toward the customer without physically having to move.