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Ideas for a clown house?

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    THere are millions of things you can do with CLOWNS... they are a great theme but I think only if you make the entire theme clowns we have done with Terror Visions. I hate to see a clown in a normal haunted house, like there is a boiler, there is a bedroom, there is a graveyard and then BOOM out of no where there is a clown! lol

    Some of the new scenes we are doing for Terror Visions which is a clown theme are Jack N Box scene, Funhouse scene, Clown Truck too complicated to explain again, Magic Room, in the past we've done several things with clowns where they are causing danger... like blowing up things with TNT, or a freak show is always good, funny mirrors, a black hole tunnel is a must in any clown house.

    The idea's are limitless.

    Larry Kirchner


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      Nice to meet you Larry!

      One question, what are you doing in your funhouse scene?


      Chris Riehl


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        Clowns are probably the scariest thing used in haunted houses if done right. I have seen the bowling pins used in clown rooms but how do bowling pins relate to clowns in any way? Bowling and the circus are not linked in anyway and to me there are better ways to convey a clown theme. Instead of bowling pins have decapitated clown heads maybe?



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          You have a very good point!
          Thanks for sharing,
          Chris Riehl



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            How about a cannon?


            How about a cannon with a clown lighting the fuse. Make the cannon real cartoonish. The cannon can have a air cannon blow at guest as they come by. The magic room would be great also. Allot of clowns do magic in the circus. Saw a woman in half can be done for real using mirrors.

            I do not know how much room you have to fill but, you can make a wild hallway. The hallway is life size at the entrance and the end of the hallway angles inward so they appear to get bigger as they walk down the hall exiting through a small door. This can be seen on the original Willy Wonka film. The walls can be black with colorfull lines forming square frames so it looks like they walk through a bunch of colorfull squares floating in space. Use paint that glow in blacklight. I hope I am describing this as I am imaginning this. This would be fun and confusing to your guests.

            What part of Florida are you from? Are you in Jacksonville. I would like to visit and see what you did.

            Good Luck,
            Robert Travis
            Scenic Art Productions


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              Instead of casting the pins you could go to toys r us or any big toy store and get a set of 16 fake plastic multi colored pins then just pant and destress them


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                How about some 46" inflatable pins?

                Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did itů Autograph your work with excellence!


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                  LOL im totally diggin the gigantic inflatables. combine 'em with a squeeze room. perfect!