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  • New Haunt safety question

    I'm a possible new haunt owner for 2012. I've found a building that I love but here's the problem. They have no PA system or smoke detection system. They do have a dry, up to code sprinkler system and a building alarm tied to a dispatch. Any suggestions for how to ad a PA system, or can I tie in to their existing alarm system and add smoke detection? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    Nightmare Street Productions, LLC

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    It depends what system you will need or how it's tied in, based on your local code. Where I'm located a simple speaker with a microphone is all we need for a pa, and as long as we have a sprinkler system all we need for smoke detection is detectors that will trigger all the detectors over the haunt when one goes off, and they don't even need to be monitored. Most places are not that easy.



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      In Connecticut you need a wet sprinkler system for public places of assembly. Be sure your law isn't the same as dry is not allowed here because it takes an extra minute to get working.


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        Let me tell ya, being a new haunter (2012 will be my first full blown haunt year) GO TO SEE YOUR FM! (Fire Marshall!)

        Call, setup a small meeting, don't tell him what you're wanting to do on the phone, just tell him you're interested in a building to use for a business and want to come by and talk to him about codes. I've asked about 5 different marshalls in different towns, EVERYONE OF THEM so far has said "Out of all the haunted houses we've had, we've never been there and no one's ever approached us!" If you get that lucky, out of the gate you'll be swinging hits because that'll show them you have respect for the safety you want to do. Hopefully, then they'll be gentle with you :P

        One in a small town told us "listen, it's an all metal building, and a small town. Keep the occupancy below 500 inside and we'll keep a truck on standby for your hours and send person-ell out for the event. " Which was pretty cool.

        Like as stated, MOST places won't be that easy though. It also has a lot to do with the town you're in.

        Good luck and scare the yell outta them!


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          I agree with the above your fire marshal. Tell him your plans, tell him that you will only be using the building a month or two out of the year and come up with a good incident action plan and be able to show him that you are going to preach safety to your actors. Ask him/her to come do a fire extinguisher training class etc. and then discuss what will I need to do here to make things safe for my customers. I am also a fire marshal and when I hear safe business owners it sounds a lot better than "whats the cheapest thing I can get away with" or "tell me the bare minimum I have to do" One you figure out exactly what he will require THEN I would go looking at buildings or even bring up the one you found and take a look with him. I would start with requirements in general, then narrow down the search and then check one more time before you buy or sign a lease and get it in writing so that they can't change their mind on you once you get everything up and ready. Hope this helps.


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            I'd look for a location that you don't have to invest as much money into. Especially if you're just leasing this location. Your investment may not pay out, and the landlord may find a permanent leaser to go with instead...making all your investment in the property the first year pointless.

            The fire alarm system can cost a lot of money to upgrade. My guess is that a PA system & smoke detector system that you mentioned would cost at least $15,000 - $30,000 to upgrade by a certified fire alarm contractor. These are not just smoke detectors that you use in your least in California, these are expensive devices that have to be plugged into the entire system together.

            Simplex Grinnell is a fire alarm contractor in California. You may want to call them up to find out what something like your project would cost. However, Simplex is very expensive and somewhat slow, so I wouldn't recommend them.

            When we upgraded our fire strobe system (for the deft), it cost $15,000. This was a small project too compared to a PA system & smoke detectors.



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              Though different state by state what are people using for a PA fire systems?