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Top 20 Things that Influenced Your Haunted House???

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    Going to haunted houses and hayrides as a kid.

    horror movies in general good and bad

    Most of all This Forum I've learned so much in just my short time here and for that Im so grateful for everyone here and all the help they provide!
    Senior Operator of Forest Of Fear at The Utica Zoo
    Visions Of Fear Productions


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      1) RESIDENT EVIL...die hard fan of the games since they started over a decade ago. Strong RE theme from start to finish through District of the Dead.

      2) Growing up in Buffalo, NY where I went to each of the three excellent veteran haunts in the area, watching them grow over the years.

      3) Starting my four year degree in Industrial/Creature/Set Design at Art Institute, ended up with a degree in Marketing!

      4) 8 years of home haunting through high school and college. Fast forward another 3 years and a dream has become a reality.
      District of the Dead Haunted House & Morbid Entertainment


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        Yes I had that album myself. You are right about that one!

        I just wrote the article on the top 20 most influential haunted houses of all time and now this article will go for Issue 31.

        Keep posting!

        Larry Kirchner


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          Living in the St. Louis area when I was younger I must say that alot of my influence was from The darkness and seeing Larry riding around in his vette as a young haunt owner. lol
          Between The Darkness, (Larrys), Silox (soon to be Larrys lol) and the Lemp caverns (also now Larrys) lol this is where my inspirations came from.
          I ran a home haunt for several years in the suburbs of STL. I moved to Columbia Mo. and opened Fearfest.
          Larry, I thank you for giving me the faith that operating a pro haunt could be profitable and a satisfying experience.
          You and the other haunt owners in St. Louis were more of an inspiration than you will ever know.
          Thank you and have a successful 2012.

          Greg Allen