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Michigan bus tour starts at $249

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  • Michigan bus tour starts at $249

    We’re excited to announce the cost for the MHC pre-convention, two day haunted house bus tour. Prices will start at only $249 per person. The tour includes; all 10 haunts, hotel, bus and most of your meals. We’ll start selling the tour in about a week. The tour will be limited to four buses.

    Buses will depart from Columbus, Ohio on Wednesday morning June 6 and return Thursday evening June 7. Wednesday night we’ll be staying at the Radisson Hotel in Pontiac, Michigan.

    Tours will include the following acclaimed attractions in the order listed:

    - Darksyde Acres, Jonesville, Mi

    - Jackson’s Underworld, Jackson, Mi

    - Erebus, Pontiac, Mi

    - Realm of Darkness, Pontiac, Mi

    - The Crypt, Burton, Mi

    - St Lucifer’s, Flint, Mi

    - Exit 13 Haunted House, St Morris, Mi

    - Terror Town, Maumee, Oh

    - Dimensions of Darkness, Maumee, Oh

    - Fear Factory, Findley, Oh

    That’s two full days of awesome haunt tours. Reserve the dates now, June 6 & 7 for this fantastic bus tour and June 8, 9 & 10 for the Midwest Haunters Convention.

    Kelly Collins
    The Midwest Haunters Convention