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  • Everybody Will Want This..

    From now till May? A special tag will be able to be purchased to go on the end of your website to aid in your business. The example and reason given was if you get an e-mail saying it is your Bank and that want you to respond to them the Bank will have something like this"www. Your bank.
    So Larry might be the first to get this new feature because it won't be availble again for maybe another 5 years! hauntedhouse might seal the deal and the customer "feel" for what you really have for them.
    OF course this extra "signage" only costs something like $180,000.oo.
    Where do we sign up?
    From the BBC news.
    Did you think I could have made up such an item?

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    So mine will be..

    www.hauntedravensgrin.comadmission is now $350.ooaperson.