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    Ok so for my clown prosthetic (either going to be a actual clown or a skull painted to look like clown) what makeup do you guys recommend? I know alot use rmgp and my question about that is, is it safe for your skin? Or would you just go with pax paint? Ive looked alot on the internet and cant seem to get a definate answer on the rmgp being safe for your skin or not. Thanx guys any suggestions you have are always welcome.

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    Make-up issue/question


    MOST makeups that you would use SHOULD be ok .. I personaly have used mutiple types of makeups (Store bought, Mehron brand etc.) Just make sure you put a "buffer" between you and the makeup if you think there MAY be a reaction...

    A good buffer is Baby Oil..

    Mind you IF there happens to be a reaction (allergy wise) this wont be 100% "fool proof" but it still give a bit of a "buffer" between you and the makeup.

    I did look up the particular make up you mentioned (rmgp) and from what i have found is that it SHOULD be safe to use directly on skin is .. NORMALLY used on latex, but seeing as thou latex is used on skin ...

    Even with that.. I would STILL use the "baby oil buffer" aspect.. as a just in case ..or if you really want to be cautious I would recommend Mehron brand make up ...(no not a person if internest in the comapny at all .. just a person who has used it and have had GREAT results with Mehron makeup)

    Just my thougths.



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      Stay away from PAX on the skin. It is extremely hard to remove and if not mixed with cosmetic grade materials it can also be hazardous. Stick with rmgp. Most rmgp make-up has a Castor oil base which is very safe.
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