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    If you want me to spend thousands of dollars on your product but you don't return my inquiries within 48hrs what do you think that says to me as a customer? Worse what's it say about your customer service or lack there of.

    1) You don't care about new business
    2) You're not organized
    3) You're a fly by night
    4) You're a little high on yourself.

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    Agreed ......


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      I agree but, there is a reason sometimes.

      First letís make this clear that you are not talking about me or Scenic Art Productions.

      I do agree with you in most occasions but, there are a few exceptions. There are some reasons that I have taken extra time to give a quote. I cannot speak for others but the way the economy is I need to get the cheapest prices for materials I can possibly get so I can charge the customer the lowest price possible just to make sure I can get the work and still make something to pay the bills. Some customers are not willing to pay the money out because they are unsure about the economic situation so they are not confident enough to pay the prices things are worth anymore. I am not saying I blame them because I donít. Everyone wants to spend as little money as possible and when you give them the lowest price possible they are more willing to give you an approval to produce the product.

      Sometimes vendors have to deal with other vendors to get the materials to produce the items you are inquiring about. I have waited a day or two or even more to get quotes on materials on several occasions. The vendor should touch base with the customer though to let them know that they are working on it and why it is taking a while to get the numbers together for them. I had to quote something over the holiday season. People were out of town or unavailable. I had to speak to many vendors from structural engineers to material manufacturers to transport companies to get this quote. It took allot longer than I wanted but, I kept up with the customer to update them. I do think constant communication is the key. Let your customer know why.


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        Take all of these things as a sign. Do your homework and be smart. If they don't answer your phone call when you'd like to inquire about their product, do you think they will answer if there's a problem with your order? There are PLENTY of vendors out there who would love to have you spend your money with them... Go with the ones that are trustworthy and reliable! Be smart about it!

        And to go with Scenic Art said, obviously we all have our hiccups and might mess up. But communication is EVERYTHING. Ignoring customers and disregarding phone calls will only bite the vendor in the butt in the end. (Not referring to you or your company, btw)
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        Zach Wiechmann


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          By inquiry I was referring more to a simple hello back. As for a quote a simple "I'm not sure let me get back to you." works. Least give me the time of day. Also I hope no one at TW has a 2010 product catalog still listed when someone visits their site. Spending an hr to update could make you thousands in sales.


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            Hey Scenic,

            A vendor taking some time to get back to you with a quote is no problem, totally understandable. Really it's the problem no one answering the phone at all and when you leave a message no one getting back to you. I really feel you need to have someone that can answer a phone. If we are calling it's not to chat I want to know about your product. Even if on vendors website there is a time block to call, like we take calls from 1:00 to 3:00 mon thru thrus. Something like that . It's just not fare to think we will buy something from you if you won't even talk to us. And of course i'm not talking about your company.



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              Or if you have a website and it's 2012 don't have a 2010 product catalog up still. I for one think you're not in business anymore. A website is your cheapest marketing tool and if you want me to buy something least update the site.
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                I totally agree!

                Hello to all frustrated consumers,

                Yes, someone does need to answer the phones or promptly return their voice mail. I actually am having that problem right now with a vendor myself. I understand being busy but at least call back the next day. I have left one message every day all this week. I am ready to use vendor number two.

                Wow, a 2010 catalog I think they are about a year behind. They need to take the date off at least. I would also assume they would be out of business.
                I worked for a company several years ago that had a generic catalog and they just added to it every year. They did that on purpose so they can use the leftover catalogs the next year. But, they still should return a phone call. There is no excuse for that unless the phone is shut down.

                Good luck,
                Robert Travis
                Scenic Art Productions