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  • Shark Night - Devil Inside

    Couple things... I heard Devil Inside is like one of the worst movies ever made any comment on that?

    However I think I just saw the worst movie in HISTORY ... Shark Night. This movie is so bad, so horrible, so so so so horrid you'll laugh all the way through it. There is this one scene where this guys arm is bitten off, and after laying in bed for an hour or so and hearing he's lost so much blood he can't be moved, after he finds out his girlfriend was eaten we find him with a t-shirt wrapped around his half eaten arm with an african spear in his hand (where did he get that). His friend says... what are you doing, he says its like the rules of the jungle they killed one of ours we must kill one of theirs... his friend says how are you going to find them, and with blood dripping out of his arm he says they'll come to him...

    He walks into the water and within seconds a massive hammerhead shark attacks him, and he drops his spear and then start punching it with his one arm, gets his spear back and kills it.

    Then while up on shore with clearly a rubber shark he's talking to his friend like he hasn't lost ten tons of blood ...

    There is this other scene where they find out the guys arm was bitten off, and not even knowing where it was bitten off this guy dives into the water and swims around for like 5 minutes and finds his arm, and some girl says we are going to reattach your arm. This movie couldn't have been worse I mean there is not a worst script, worse movie than this ...

    It really is just that bad.

    Larry Kirchner

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    Lol, sounds like a comedy!


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      LOL... I didn't see Devil Inside, but I heard, other than the fact it wasn't scary, that the worst part about it was it had no end. It had a first and second act... then just gave up and ended without any conclusion whatsoever.


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        Just saw devil inside, probably the worst horror movie I've seen. I feel like the writers just gave up towards the end.


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          I thought the devil inside had all these awesome scenes and they were pieced together kinda well but the ended made you feel ripped off because it told you to go to a website essentially for more info. just like Apollo 18. I will say the suicide scene and basement exorcism were beautiful. There are also a lot of really creepy tiny details i dididn't realize till talking with some people that say it. Its definetly very psychological. I will say they did some of the craziest marketing of any horror movie i have seen.
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            Sorry this ended up being so long, but since you're here you may as well read it...

            I just got back from seeing The Devil Inside, honestly, it should have been directed better, that was where the movie lacked. The actress who portrayed the lady who dislocated her shoulder deserves an award for her acting, and even the mom's acting was good, but it was comical because of how crappy the rest of it was put together. There were so many points that didn't serve a purpose or failed to keep my attention. This would have been a GREAT A&E Movie Event, but NOT something I would reccommend anyone spending money on.

            To say it was one of the worst movies of all time is harsh, and unfair to the few actors who did have the talent to make that movie even remotely worth seeing. It should not have been in theaters, it was made to be a "real" documentary, but the direction was so fake, it killed it. Honestly, documentaries about finding big foot had better direction than this.

            My girlfriend was absolutely freaking out. She hates scary movies. She won't even watch and Freddy or Jason movies, forget SAW, she won't watch anything scarier than a scooby-doo halloween episode. So, maybe this movie was targeted for those people??

            The ONLY part of the movie that kicked ass was the marketing department, every exciting part was in the commercials, trailers, or advertisements, the rest is useless rambling with no action...but the way it was marketed, made it seem like one of the best movies of all time, to rival the original Paranormal Activity (which, I've yet to Redbox because I keep forgetting about it lol), but it was simply just the cheesiest, half-assed rip-off of a fake paranormal documentary...I really wish a talented director ran that movie, it had a LOT of potential.

            Oh, as for the ending. The ending was good. I liked it. What I hated, is the (pardon me here Larry) SHIT they pulled AFTER the ending. THAT'S what did it for me. If it ended the way it had, and they didn't go to a black screen and write "This case is learn more about this case go to for REAL evidence". The ending would have improved DRASTICALLY if they just cut the scene, went black, lowered the lights, and did a Star-Wars-esque credentials role with some eerie music...


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              Read alot of the reviews

              On Devil Inside it's pretty much seen the same here and there directing and the ending however I still might give it a go since my wife is a chicken and I always get a kick out of her jumping through the roof. Shark Night tho she watched yesterday with our 3 yr old and she said it was the dumbest and worst movie she has ever seen.
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