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Some Haunts Will Need One Of These!

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  • Some Haunts Will Need One Of These!

    As incredible as it may sound, how would you like to have a robotic display that realistically does everything that a pregnant woman and her about to be born child can possibly do as she deliverys?
    Programmable, wire less, life size. A local hospital sent out their newsletter (with pictures) of this robot and it simulates it all.
    The baby and Mother simulate numerous potentual problems.
    "For example: NOELLE can have C-section,breech, high blood pressure,cord issues,seizures,maternal hemmoraging,or shoulder dyscotia. After delivery the baby changes colors from healthy "pink" to oxygen-depleted blue.
    Maybe this would be just a little too real? for any "entertainment" of the average person, especially if it reminded many of such actual problems they or theirs had encountered?
    Pretty fantastic use of robotics, though. is their site.

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    You're right, that sounds awesome, but you're also correct in thinking most people or some at least will have problems with it. There's too many birth problems out there for there NOT to be many folks relating to it. If anyone's had a child and the LOVE them like they're suppose to, it'll make parents of even healthy kids relate. Now, I'm a new father! So, I may be speaking from relatively recent feelings, ya know. But yeah, sounds killer.

    WHere'd you hear about this at?
    Nvm, see the site now.


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      I agree with you here I would love one of these .......BUT We have let America turn in to a bunch of whinny ass babies. Everyone has something there are offended by. Im so sick of this shit, it drives me crazy! Please how do we stop this and put of the props we want and make the rooms we all love but is to risky for (SOME) people?


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        Krazy, just do it.

        Be ready for amounts of backlash,and/or success (Personal satisfaction) and come what may..Everything had to be done, tried by someone who were following their own desires, instincts, ideas.
        If someone's goal is to make everyone "Happy" all of the time buy candy bars, wrap them in $10. bills and hand them out all day People will be 99% happy with you then.(At least a whole big bunch of people I know of!)
        The possible financing of such an act may be found in the person of some Dental business person?
        In many ways I have done this here in many ways I have not.
        How much pure pandering should we do?
        Should we run every little idea passed a committee?
        "Let's just offer white, 4-door cars with no chrome?" The "Days" of Henry Ford (#1 )succeeding ,offering black Model "T"s with no chrome have definately passed, but in His day and time he sure made much-o bucks!
        Last night it happened here again. I asked at the end of the house tour those questions"What are the scariest, neatest, most memorable things that you have ever experienced in another haunted house?"
        The 30-something "FAN" of haunted houses ("She Loves Going to them!") gave me the all too common blank look and response of puzzlement and a young altzheimer's moment as she could not remember or think of any such things from any place that fit these requirements. ????
        She goes to haunts "all the time", and lives half a country away from Illinois.
        Maybe she is so scared that her mind is on automatic erase? Maybe the sights and sounds and anticipation overwhelm her memory banks? Maybe next week she won't remember anything she experienced here either?
        I guess that we can all hope that she keeps returning, buying her ticket no matter what her memory , or lack of memory tells her?
        (No, she sure didnot seem to be a druggie or a space cadet either.)
        We all have numerous creative decsions to make, perpetually. Whatever "works" and works for you in your place... is right ... because it "works".
        It "IS" what it "IS"!