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flame throwing candle holder

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  • flame throwing candle holder

    I thought this would be a cool idea for any haunt actors who like to use fire.

    This is the idea:
    Use an old fashioned candle holder like the one in this pic.
    Attach a finger trigger in the finger hole.
    Use a tiny can of hair spray as shown in the picture.


    The candle itself should be a regular candle with a drilled tunnel/tube insert. Or you can go with a fake candle with oil. The fake candle might be your best bet seeing as wax melts and all.


    This image just shows my original concept. It would be cool to see an actor walking people to a location and have the candles shoot flames.


    This picture is better if you are outdoors.

    As for the workings...I haven't developed this idea yet. I will get it working for this season but I figure you would all like a chance at doing one as well.

    Thanks for reading!

    ~The Imagineer~

    Andrew de Ruiter

    Download part 1 of Andrew's Black Book of ideas for haunts here:

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    Sounds dangerous. :shock:



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      A slight change of your idea

      I believe it would be much more impressive / memorable if the haunted person walked up to the customer and shot a small flame at them out of their posterior crevass.
      Beans, bean dip, more beans on a full stomach (an empty stomach eats up too much of the gas) and a small ignitor, there you go!
      I had a wallet I bought from a Magic Shop that shot flames. The first one worked Great! Then it vanished ("Up in flames?" no, someone stole it, I think?) the second one , identicle to the first never worked as well???
      It was really a very simple device:Flat black, thin, leather wallet- inside a small piece of brass with a lighter flint soldered to it next to a wick which looked like a fairly thick, piece of woven , white threads (asbestos?), soak the woven piece with lighter fluid, then open the wallet, having a thumb inside, roll the little wheel against the flint as you open it (practise!) and flames shoot out for a second or two! Too much heat and flame? close the wallet abruptly, it extinguishes the flame.
      "Look at all the $$ that guy is making!"
      "Well, I do have a partner, he takes his half." "Whoose! the flames pop up and out! "See? he just took his half now!"
      This was my first year when I was running the house all by myself, runing outside to sell tickets, making change, holding a wad of paper money and stuffed in my pockets with it too, putting on quite a show for teenagers who thought $300 was all the money in the world-25 years ago.

      (If you build a flame-wallet don't blame me for any problems because the "devil is in the details", "Specs", as far as construction methods and clearances between those necesarry components, as in all things mechaincal that must function to meet expectations beyound we mere tinkerers.)