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Marketing in the Clouds... Check this out

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  • Marketing in the Clouds... Check this out

    Check out this link this is a new advertiser in the magazine see info about company below but check out their website. They have a product that you can put clounds up over your building with your logo. This is pretty cool.

    Northern Alabama Firm can make clouds into shapes of any logo or word.
    Alabama firm Global Special Effects invents a machine that makes clouds into any shape. This process is called “Flogos”, which stands for "FLoating"/"FLying" "LOGOS". Currently, Flogos can be made in any shape, word, or logo. The Flogos last for hours and can travel up to 30 miles. Flogos have already had a big the impact in advertising because of their unique character; they are currently being used to promote sporting events, business promotions, and gatherings of all kinds, and it is estimated that their impact will only grow in coming years until they become a staple in the world of advertising and special events. Another notable factor is the fact that these clouds are environmentally friendly -– totally 100% "green".
    Effective this year, Global Special Effects received their U.S. patent on the Flogos technology and are now offering the cloud-making equipment for sale to retailers worldwide. For less than $5,000, you can start cloud-vertising, and the operating cost of Flogos is less than a penny per cloud.
    Flogos can be created in any color, and Global Special Effects is currently about to release a glow in the dark version as well. The Flogo machines collapse into a suitcase-like protective road case and are small enough to fit into an SUV.
    For further information please see:, or call our corporate headquarters at 256-229-5551.
    Larry Kirchner

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    "Sure is dry around these parts.'

    "we could use a rainmaker... hope one comes to town soon, the corn is drying up."


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      nice idea

      I am going to look in to this that has a lot of uses. I can see using this in a parade with skulls floating out from the float or any big festevil that you would try and promote your haunt at.



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        Yes but a minimum of $7k after all the costs....will it generate enough to make up for the cost??

        If I was going to do it, I would have to rent it out year round to companies to help maximize profits...


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          Haunts are probably the one venue these aren't good for. Seems kind of soft and happy to me if I saw a haunt flouting clouds up I would not be under the impression that this haunt means business, this haunt is scary..

          It's great for concerts, festivals and fairs, car shows and new product launches.



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            I thought floating skulls or a ghost would be cool.

            It does not look that hard to make.

            Xtremereators LLc


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              Do you have to buy...

              ..any carbon-credits to run the cloud maker? More sun blocked, more heat held down..