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District of the Dead had an enormously successful first professional season!

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  • District of the Dead had an enormously successful first professional season!

    Hoping everyone had an excellent holiday season with friends and family! Can you believe it's 2012 already? The countdown begins for the 2012 Halloween season!

    I'll admit, haven't been on the forums in quite some time. Moved back home (Buffalo, NY) this past summer from July-early November to launch District of the Dead, WNY's Newest & Most Frightening Haunted Attraction! with family and friends who wanted to see my dream become a reality.

    In a nutshell it was the wildest learning curve I've ever experienced. August 1st began the official building from scratch and everything from then until the final weekend of October was a motion blur. Many aspects of the haunting business will be refined for us to be more effective next year. Grand opening night was nerve rattling, but after the first weekend all the kinks were worked out.

    We couldn't have asked for a better crew and phenomenal group of actors as a first season haunt. Our location was excellent and the mass amount of positive feedback we received in 5 weekends as a first season haunt was unreal in comparison to local veteran haunts. We took no shortcuts as there are 3 other amazing veteran haunted attractions in Buffalo. My father and I had the pleasure to meet with many of the owners, cross promote, and visit their excellent shows this past season too.

    At the end of the 5 full weekends we were open this past season we had an approximate attendance of 2,700 screaming patrons! :-D:-D

    Since then I have returned to Phoenix, AZ where I reside and continue my mobile auto detailing business.

    Modifications and classified information thus far are 100% complete for the upcoming 2012 District of the Dead season in Buffalo when I return next summer.

    The passion and excitement for next season can not be explained in words. I'll once again be meeting my father in St. Louis for TransWorld and hope to see many of you there!

    A huge thank you also goes out to vendors we worked with this past season such as Fright Props (absolutely amazing customer service), Rogue Hollow, Scare Products, Dark Raven Design, and Unit 70. All of which who have excellent products and services. As well as all the owners around the country on the forums or whom I got the opportunity to speak with, who guided me with advice and direction as a first year pro attraction.
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    Hey Chris, you guys really put on an amazing show. Best in the county hands down. Had a lot of fun chilling with you and Clay on Actor Night then, seeing you with Mike in Campbell. As I said, a season without producing my own haunt was a killer, so I'm in this with you guys.
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