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  • Snow cave tips

    Looking for tips or pictures to help decorate my snow tunnel and frozen snow cave. I have been buying bags of buffalo snow in flurry and batting styles while it's on sale. Any tips to make my snowy room creepy. Anything I do has to be stored in bins in Nov. Thanks

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    What about freezing heads or small realistic looking prop animals in some acyrlic like an epoxy? You could kind of nestle them in with the snow so it was barely visible, backlight with a pinprick of LED light to make it "glow". You could do carvings into the snow as well....get out type stuff, curses to all who enter, etc. or even native american type drawings including buffalo and demons or something. Also maybe something like the stick figures in the movie Blair Witch frozen into the snow in places. Lots of pebbles and stuff....that's what I'm invisioning, LOL!


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      Great ideas! Thank you. I am collecting horsehair to attempt a great costume for the room. After the tails arrive, I'm sure I'll need more advise.


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        Clear plastic and a heat gun makes great looking Ice-sickles. they can be interior lit with a blue LED. then staple them up and spray snow around them to hide the staples.


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          AHHHH!!! Thank you!! Great idea!!