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Flashlight for group use as only source of light?

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  • Flashlight for group use as only source of light?

    We have been tossing around ideas to do differently with this years haunt - One of the ideas was to provide the group with 1 or 2 led flashlights that have been modified to only provide a certain amount of light - this way they will have a limited light source, and the light would only be where they point the light.

    Has anyone done anything like this? We discussed this idea after walking through our haunt last year after closing and realizing how creepy it was to only be able to see things withing the focus of the flashlight.

    Any ideas or thoughts on this would be great. We would still have lighting here and there but the majority would come from the guests lights.

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    Flashlight + no light might equal big lawsuit. People are always dumb when it comes to something actually happening which you don't think will. This is why they tell you on the plastic bag not to put it over your head or to put infants in plastic bags. Unfortunately someone was stupid enough to do both. It's possible they go postal on a actor or fall and hit themselves with it. You don't wanna be closed down for the night due to injury. Everyone here seems to use glow sticks. Just get a few sizes and see which one gets your the effect you desire. It might be ideal but being open everyday possible is ideal.


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      The flashlights are small LED style ones - I don't think that would cause anymore harm on an actor than a woman with her purse, or a kicking screaming teenager, as far as falling - this would actually allow them to see slightly better than they do already because they can shine the flashlights anywhere they choose where as with positioned lighting they see only what we choose for them to see leaving some very dark areas that could always be dangerous to someone.

      Glowsticks wouldn't work for this idea as they provide a more ambient light - where as a flashlight provide a more focused area of light, and anything outside that area remains in shadow - than and glowsticks enough to last a whole season would be VERY expensive.


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        Then if they're small it would probably work. I was thinking more the traditional older style ones.


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          I went through a haunt that was the same idea as this, only opposite. The haunt was pitch black and maze style. Every so often there would be an actor with a flashlight that he would use to underlight his face and yell or jump out at you,etc. He typically waited until your hands were on him while trying to feel your way around the room. This was quite a startle and scream. Loved it!! Just a different spin on your idea that might work for ya!


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            i had thought about this and a friend who owns a haunt in cali with an outdoors wood area inlightend me saying damage was constant and expensive to the light, the romtly controled lights were costly to purchase. the end result sell glowlight make the money on them or pad it to the cost of the ticket for that event. best of luck to you
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              26 years ago i had an idea.

              The electrical system in the house was total junk, so I thought I would really go "Retro" and re-light the 1870 Inn via kerosene lamps! Think how incredible that would be for spooky in these modern times! YES! NO! Too dam dangerous and costly and who in their half-way right mind would ever walk into such a potential firetrap/disaster? hahaha! Guess no will do.?
              I came to my senses long before ever even beginning such an idea.
              I probably have the most over-lit haunted attraction ever seen, except for the first room where I control all the lighting there, using only a small flashlight as I give my presentation.
              The house is afterall my own art gallery and my patrons come to see what they paid to see.
              We use a bunch of hand-held flashlights leading people through here and the cost and maintenence is constantly a perpetual ordeal even though they needn't get turned on very often at all.


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                I've never seen it done with flashlights. Last year the haunt I worked at used glow sticks and it worked out really well. I know Jeff at Monster-tronics sells remote-control LED lights that the actors can turn on or off with the push of a button to mess with the customers. Here's the link if this interests you