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Rob zombie's new movie Lords of Salem

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  • Rob zombie's new movie Lords of Salem

    So I was taking a walk thru and old cemetary in Salem last month, taking some pics of the old mauselums and grave stones, and while I was looking at this little chapel pictured below, a guy walked around the corner. I thought he looked familiar, but it took me a few seconds to realize who it was. It was Rob Zombie. A few seconds after that a group of people came around the corner as well. It was the crew for his upcoming movie. They were picking out scene locations, and finding the best camera angles to use for shooting the next day. I said hi, and asked if I was interupting, and Rob said no, your ok! So I hung out for a bit and watched them work, and I even got a chance to go in the old chapel with them, and see where they would be filming the interior scene. It was pretty cool to see, and was a big surprise. I might even make it in the special features cause they were filming for a behind the scenes featurette. Cool stuff happens here in Salem. Cant wait to see the movie when it comes out.

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    What an awesome opportunity! Lets hope this movie is better than his Halloween remake.
    Matthew Colton
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