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    The list is coming out on all the TW seminars for 2012. I have them. Maybe some of the people who are doing them can post about what seminar they are doing. Lets learn more about all the seminars and the speakers. I will get the list in a word file and post them.

    My seminar is about how to market your website on the web... last year my website for the entire haunt season got 500,000 visitors... yeah I said it right 500,000 visitors. That includes August, September and October. My seminar is going to be teaching you HOW to raise your web traffic to unreal numbers. As always and unlike some I always strive to give people the best info I can... and this will be no different. Me personally I've always been doing these business marketing style seminars because I think they are more important than a detail seminar, or how to scare, or something like that... because I believe that most haunt owners weakness is marketing their events. I could do seminars on anything but I always choose marketing because I want to help people where they need the most help.

    I think out of all the seminars the business ones, are the most important because that is what impacts your bottom line the MOST! I haven't gone through all the seminars yet but I'm going to pick out the ones I think would be the most useful to the haunt who's trying to increase the bottom line... you can start with the one I'm doing because I'm going to blow the roof off what you think you know.

    I talk to haunters all the time and I always ask how much traffic did your site get... I hear 80,000 (GOOD NUMBER), 70,000, sometimes 120,000 but most of the time under 50,000... my site did 25,000 in ONE DAY! Guess what... I spend ZERO DOLLARS for the last two years on GOOGLE ADS, outside of having banners on I paid for ZERO BANNERS, ZERO ADVERTISEMENT ... meaning I spent not one red cent on web marketing outside of simply having banners on So how did I do 500,000 UNIQUE VISITORS???? Take the seminar and you'll find out.

    Lastly I did want to say this and I'm fairly certain that I will not do any more seminars in the future. I do NOT do seminars or hop around the country to all the shows doing them at every stop... I've only been doing them at TW show for years now. I have been totally overwhelmed in recent years, and having some stress issues, and I'll be honest with running this site the past 4 seasons has caused a lot of it... when the sites would go down in October I would nearly cause me to have a heatattack and I'm not kidding. Taking haunters money and not getting them the traffic I know I can bring to the table causes me great stress, and keeps me working 20 hours at a time with little sleep and couple that with building attractions, running our own, keeping up with this and that all these orders... I'm like a one man show. So in 2012 I'm going to be cutting out things in my life that I can no longer handle, we are bringing on more people to help with this site, blah, blah.

    So doing seminars going forward is something I will not be doing anymore, nor will we do any more haunt tours unless we are simply opening up for the haunt industry and the local public... its all too stressful.

    So anyway I hope you attend my seminar and I promise to do my best to help you understand what I'm doing... but know I won't be doing anymore.

    Now I hope to hear about other seminars at the show.

    Larry Kirchner

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    Here is another thing you will love to see... CHECK OUT Transworld new vendor profile on Hauntworld here:


    I uploaded a PDF FILE its a seven page PDF that tells you EVERY SINGLE thing that is happening... every seminar, every event you name it.

    You can click on the profile and download the PDF in two minutes and you know everything.
    Larry Kirchner