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    I have to agree with Dan, Spookywoods will be hard to beat. David really knew how to operate a world class attraction but more importantly he knew how to grow it. Who can forget the Tiny Tim wedding that was on The Tonight Show? I also remember the tie in Spookyworld did with the Patriots for their commercial using QB Drew Bledsoe, as seen on the old Hauntworld video.

    Also, it's GUERILLA marketing as opposed to the primate Gorilla marketing, I've seen that written here many times.

    Personally, I am not too thrilled though that one of our best and brightest stars in the haunt industry made the transition in to the Adult industry as David did once he solf off Spookyworld. To each their own I guess....



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      You have definitely helped to advance the trailer haunt concept. I think though that it would have been well into it's growth and much more common through the 90's and through to today had it not been for the deadly fire at Six Flags back in 1984.



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        New England Haunts

        I agree that the GFox "Haunted Happenings was a quality production - I have a copy of the auction video and it has some pretty advanced sets/scenes. Spooky World was definitely a game changer in New England with the whole Horror Themepark concept

        Haunted Paws - I am pretty sure that Lake Compounce began as a yard haunt, evolved and moved to Lyman Orchards. It was later moved to Lake Compounce.


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          Beast and Edge

          Edge of Hell I would say should definately be on the list just because of all the history going back all those years. To this day all 4 haunts run there are all incredible and still have that awesome old-school feel to them.
          *Sigh*I can't wait til' October


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            The results are in... thank you all for your help. I'm writing the article NOW. Couple things... some haunts are very important but just don't make my list and I'll explain why. It was brought up about trailer haunts, its a great concept but its nothing that has really caught fire nation wide, to the point where everyone is making them. I do think if done right like Rich does, they are great and a way to work around a location. In one city they are very popular the rest of the country not so much...

            You take other haunts that back in the day made a lot of sizzle and today they don't hold up and seem to be more fizzle. Some haunts didn't keep up with the pack as things changes and evolved while others made such a huge impact while they where open people are still influenced by them today.

            This list isn't just about haunted houses its also about any type of event that pushed the whole concept of visiting a haunted house like Knott's Scary Farm or Universal Studios. Disney's Haunted Mansion must rank HIGH on the list because it in many way is the original haunted house, and today although its not nearly as good as some of the haunted houses we open and operate today its still the most widely visited haunted house today.

            So look for my list coming soon!

            Larry Kirchner