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"Strangeness Lays "In Wait!"

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  • "Strangeness Lays "In Wait!"

    Tonight a family from 45 miles away came to see The Ravens Grin Inn. One young man in the group was very high-strung, nervous, making loud proclaimations as he jumped around the room as every little thing seemed to really surprise him.
    My front room routine delves into the actual haunted history of this old Inn and the numerous experiences that people have had here (told with some attempted humour)
    I was talking about one of this site's "citizens", Damon Carson, who saw some Orbs here, Damon's from Mexico, Missouri.
    "MEXICO MISSOURI! How did you know ? (The very now VERY Nervous young fellow exclaimed!)
    "That's where I go to school!"
    Yes, it was all just a psychic plot to terrorize HIM! HAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Some of the rest of his family members in the room also wondered for a second or two how I "Knew" to mention Mexico, Miss. for this strangeness has laid in "Wait" now for quite a few years to raise it's powerfull, scary presence.. how many years ago was it you were here Damon?

    This is like last October when I told a girl to duck under a pipe if she wanted to proceed to go a certain optional path way so she could "Pass her Bar Exam", she looks at me astonished, "How did YOU know I'm taking my Bar Exam tomorrow?"
    I have only said that line 1,000's of times over the many years I have been open almost every night of the year.
    If they smack their head on the pipe... they "Fail".
    "Smack your head three times, we make you a Judge."
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    7 to 8 years maybe?

    Ya I did see solid and blinking orbs no lie! And its not like the ones you see in photos looking like some sort of bubble or piece of dust. These looked like a bright led of some sort. I saw then in pitch dark they were stationary and then made there own paterns. There was no way Jim could of faked this. I thought I was dreaming or imagining it. I even pinched myself. I would like to know who came to your haunt from Mexico, Mo Jim. Thats very interesting! How long ago is this? Like I always say if you dont believe in ghosts or the supernatural the Ravens Grin Inn will make anyone a believer!
    Damon Carson


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      He Attends:

      "Missouri Military Academy" and is from Dixon, Illinois just 45 miles from my place.


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        Military Kid huh! Probably the military school here wasnt enough discipline. And the parents heard through the grape vine about this place up in Mt Carrol. A old miser by the name of Jim Warfield ya thats the name. Guaranteed to straighten your kid out if no one else will! Did you scare him straight Jim?! LOL!
        Damon Carson