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Deadline for a listing in Haunt World!!

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  • Deadline for a listing in Haunt World!!

    The deadline for a listing in Haunt World Magazine is Dec 31st. If you would like to donate to the Insane Shane TransWorld Party and have your name or your company name listed as a donor we need your committment by Dec 31st. There is no need to be specific about your donation just that you are going to donate. Don't miss this opprotunity to have your name or company name listed in Haunt World! Please send your information to me at and I will get you listed! Any questions please email or call me. 903-918-3889. Thank you all so much!


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    Just FYI... this is going to be the biggest magazine we've done in years. I think its up to like 75 pages or something it might get up to 100.

    We have a lot of vendor support, lots of articles, lots of information and we are going to mail this out to hundreds of extra people. Also something new we are going to do is mail this issue out to about 100 national media people to let them know about our industry through the eyes of a magazine. This was Patti's idea... good one.

    So if you should get in the issue for sure.

    Larry Kirchner


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      OK you heard Larry, he has spoken. This issue will go out to even more people than ever! So, give me a call or email me soon if you want to donate and get listed in this issue of Haunt World! The donations are looking great! or 903-918-3889

      This party is not to be missed!



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        Just wanted to make sure you got my email about the donation. for the very best items on the net.


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          Yo Vendors! You WILL WANT IN THIS ISSUE AS LARRY SAID! Shane and it's now or never!!!! Shane


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            OK being that it is a weekend and a big Holiday we will be sending the list to HauntWorld magazine on Monday. Please if you would like to be listed in Haunt World as a vendor who is donating to the party let me know!!! Any donation big or small is welcomed. Send me an email or give me a call. or 903-918-3889. See everyone in March and have a great

            HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!