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the last ride coffin anyone still using these ?

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  • the last ride coffin anyone still using these ?

    just bought one of these at an auction and was wondering about making some mods to the soundtracks and movements of the coffin..just wondering if anyone had any luck with these as a side attraction or is it a waste of time ...any thoughts

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    now THIS I want to hear more about!

    All I can say is that YES they are still being used. *cough* *cough* lol.


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      We still use ours in kansas, first year we did 1,800 people at $5 a ride...Just have to know how to market it right. The ride even has its own radio commercials here and there. People come to our event asking right at the ticket booth if we have the ride.



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        I've been hearing / reading a lot about folks still using them. No one around here has it, however.

        Does anyone happen to have info on it? Like pics / video or anything? Where to purchase? I'll do searches later, I'm at work atm.


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          we have built a new version of the coffin ride that has 2 different shows built in with the push of a button you can change the shows ,a short ride and a long ride the short ride is the original version of the last coffin ride and the long one is a more scary version with lots more happening inside i dont want to give anything away yet but it will be a really scary ride lots more happening nside the coffin not just moving around


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            Last ride

            I bought one last year fromHaunted Enterprises. Cost about $4300 w/shipping. Pd for it in one season. I would recommend highly. It worked well for us BUT you need to market it properly or I think you would be disappointed. We made it part of our multiticket and did not tell me people what it was. If they see it you will lose sales because it freaks people out. If you get them in it they will enjoy it. I am convinced that you have to have different things to offer your patrons to truly be successful at this venture. Good luck.

            Fear Asylum Haunted House



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              There was one on ebay last night.....

              If you want.....check it out.

              XtremeCreators LLC


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                Here you go.....


                XtremeCreators LLC