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  • Speak up! =)

    Hey All!! I hope everyone had a great holiday season! Seeing as how it's almost 2012, let's talk about it!

    I know TW is still a while away, and I'm excited to go!! But what are you hoping to see there?? What do you think the next big thing for the haunt industry is?? What new effects, designs, creatures even, are you going to add to your attraction??

    And don't be afraid to join the convo! I know there's a bunch of you lurking in the shadows lol

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    Party, party, buy, buy, see friends, chat, party, buy and meet more friends!!!

    Thanks my plan anyway!



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      I think the industry is going to see more video effects. Pale Night Productions has brought many great effects to the industry. I'm ready to see all the new product! Transworld is always a great time.


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        I think you are going to see MORE MASK companies than ever before...

        And I think you are going to see the best haunted house tour ever produced!

        We are blowing the roof off!

        Larry Kirchner


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          We are hoping for some great costuming and scenic elements. I am also on the lookout for anything that i can offer as a add on attraction. And I agree with Sue, chances are high that my Ren bar bill will be equal to my tradeshow purchases. I am also looking forward to the trailer haunt walk through. See ya there.

          Fear Asylum Haunted House


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            Haha I hear that Sue!!

            And I know Larry! There seems to be a new mask company every week but asides CFX and SPFX, Shattered FX is definitely getting up there.

            I wanna see detailing and scenic WOWS. As well as as much realism as possible. We are getting bigger as an industry and it just isn't as acceptable to have a prop look like a prop or have a mask look like a mask. There needs to be characters and the customers should have to question whether something is an actor, prop or animatronic. That's when I feel a good job was done.

            I also want to see more FX in general. And not just pnuematics, I'm talking water and foam, and startle gags that are just still uncommon!

            Man I can't wait!!


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              I'm not Looking Forward..

              To the first customer who yanks on my realistic old man foam and silicon mask... because it is not a mask.
              IT can't get more real than that! "Boo!" (Hoo? 4 me!)
              People almost always remark about how "different" my house and the tour of it is, Good! That's what I have been trying to do!
              I think that is a huge part of entertaining people.