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  • 2012 Schedule????

    Since we are now down to 4 weekends in October for 2012, what extra days are you planning on opening? Since we purchased a new location we have to open more. So I am thinking the last 2 Thursdays and then Halloween (which is typically our down day). But I am going to do more of a block party for kids outside this year.

    Any thoughts on your schedules?

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    We have, and will continue doing Thursday-Sunday every weekend. We are an all volunteer crew, so we don't have costs (outside of food and drinks) for having our crew there. We use the first Thursday as a dry run, since almost no one goes on Thursday's, never,ind the first Thursday, so we used it to iron out issues, identify problems and fix whatever needed improvement. If you're all volunteer I would highly recommend it.

    Thursday-Saturday had same start time, Thursday ended earlier, Sunday's had earlier openings and ended earlier. We fed our actors before and after we opened, usually McDonalds or Pizza before, and then we had the grill going afterwards. They got water the entire time we were opened, I usually did runs non stop with water and band-aids (they're an intense crew lol) and candy bars when they needed an energy boost haha. Keep your actors happy, even on slow nights (like Thursdays) and they'll make your customers VERY satisfied.


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      Would love to hear about your block party. What ideas do you have planned?


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        Not certain of all the details yet. Just starting to think about it. But we have a crew member with a band that is going to play one of the weekends. We are taking the big gym and turning it into the que line. I was thinking to open it up to the public so they could see more of what we do. We are moving into the rental business as well so I want to make it a bit more "kid friendly" that night. Thought of some activities like games, kettlecorn, etc.


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          Right now our plan is to do 10 nights. We are going to do 5,6, 12-14, 19-21, and 26-27th. On our two busiest weekends we are throwing in Sundays. Thursdays do not do well around here but Sundays are ok. We might open on Sunday the 28th it is still up in the air, but we are not big enough to open during those weekdays leading up to Halloween, we would lose big time.


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            There Is An Advantage

            To being in the same location and being open almost every night for 25 years, we don't get fooled very often as far as how and when we will be busy.
            We can have the hired help show up and they have customers to take through the house. My help have almost all been doing this here for 6 to 7 years and they usually do a good job moving groups through but not piling up or being too quick.
            The part of all of this that I can't understand are the customers who complain about the crowd, waiting a few minutes to get in, then I tell them (remind them?) that I am open every night of the year, don't like to wait? Don't like crowds? Come back the rest of the year then.
            After saying this to them (and they sure seem to understand English) They say, "See you next October!"
            Oh, well?


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              I can't imagine not being open Halloween night, that's just a natural night when people want to go. Then again, I've never lived in or run a halloween oriented business in your area, so maybe it goes goes with the territory. It can get harder lining up volunteers on that night though, since they often want to do Halloween parties.


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                You have a fairly big PRIVATE college there with almost 6k students all with some disposable income. Offer a party on-site and a scare! Amp Halloween night up to offer more then the regular days.


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                  Oct. 31st Can be a slow night.

                  People are doing other things, Tricking, treating, going to costume parties, vandalisning things. Some will avoid going to a haunted house on Oct. 31st because they asume it will be packed that night=wrong from my experiences here.


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                    Very true Jim. I am considering doing a "block party" and bringing in a bad called the Misfits for the Saturday/Sunday before Halloween. We have a large area in the new place that was a gym, perfect for a larger amusement. Liability however is what I am checking into at this point.