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    Man, I wish roller coasters were as intense as my haunt.


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      Cool!!! What is your haunt called or whats your website? I've always liked the more extreme haunts like House of Shock! I'm sure everyone else knows you and your haunt but I'm still new here.



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        what IF?

        Most of those people messing their pants in haunts were mainly people with a "I love the feelings and smell of my personal waste products smeared in my clothes" kind of a psychological disorder? Dis-odor?
        Maybe they rush to buy haunt tickets in October because it's the only place they can indulge such desires and then get to pretend they are "normal" and that such incidents are normal?
        Stroll into a Tavern, nice restaurant, bowling alley, grocery store , new car dealership. with your pants loaded and drippy and smelly and you will not be accepted, befriended or even tolerated. you will be asked to "leave" in no complex language.
        They would like to kick you in the butt, except for the fear of smearing your mess upon their shoe! (And the secondary fear on their part, that you might like it!)


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          Talk about unprofessional I've even seen Haunters post stats of people pissing, crapping and vomiting on the websites like its something to brag about, seems tacky and unprofessional to me why would anyone want to give the idea to
          Potential customers that this might happen to you.? It doesn't make you look scarier and it's grossly unprofessional. From what I have seen in person is that the haunts who say they are the scariest and most-extreme-sht-your-pants scary are the ones that are least scary and you'll see 12 year old kids trying to be extreme yelling and jumping around.