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    I am trying to work on a character with multiple personalities and i need some suggestions. I have a mute little girl and a crazed killer so far. I need two more!!! Please help me

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    I think Multiples seem best

    When you slide seamlessly between them but do it with a definately noticable change after a slight pause. Famous cases of multiple personalitys have been the subject of a few movies if you could dheck them out for inspiration.
    "Three Faces Of Eve"? might be one title from the 1950's?
    Arguing with yourself might be a method of expressing what you want to show them.
    Glue a mask to some easily hidden portion of your body that is normally hidden, then pull up a shirt or whereever, whatever it looks like, good enough to fool someone in the dark it's obviously a mask?
    If it looks just like a mask, this is good enough too because a psycho is trying to scare people who know no one but a psycho would ever dress like that.


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      When I was a teen and worked at a restaurant, I worked with girl who lasted on the job one day. She may have had this condition. I never forgot when she saw herself in a mirror her other personality came out. She was angry at the mirror and speaking with her teeth clenched " What are you doing here? I told you not to come to my work"
      It was tragic at the time, but now 30 years later... she was quite a character


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        A few thoughts. First of, depending on the context and length of time you have in front of your audience, four personalities may be difficult to convey well. I also wonder if a mute little girl will come across well in a short period of time. That said I think you are on the right track. I would consider making one character 'normal', then switching between one that is scared and timid (your little girl character) and one which is psychotic and very aggressive. I think doing much more in a short period of time would be very difficult.
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          Unfortunately those Personality Quirks

          Often do not appear from a brain tumor or something physical. Many times it is that person's way of expressing themselves or dealing with being abused as a child.
          They become "someone else" for escape or of a way to assume some little more "power" or to seem more powerfull.
          Years ago a long documentary interveiwed several people that shifted personalities very distinctly and that was their personal history.


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            [MENTION=112]Jim Warfield[/MENTION], I am not sure what you mean by glueing a mask? Please elaborate!


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              I Meant..

              Hide the location of a mask , like under a shirt you are wearing, glue it to your stomach, lift up the shirt, show them the mask, make it talk as a different "person", maybe a personality crazy but intelligent, or very quiet but mumbling threats to anyone able to hear them..
              If you all ready have a shaved head (yours) mount the mask on the back of your head, then just turn around when "He" wishes to speak.
              Mounting the mask upside-down would be slightly crazy too!
              If you put the mask over your bare butt, I don't know you then, I didn't suggest it!
              No I did not.
              Butt if you pharted everyone would be saying "Shorty has bad breath!"


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                If you'd like a sweet twin faced mask- perfect for multiple personalities, then check out our new twin silicone mask.
                It a male fit- not female, but still would be sweet for anyone.
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                  Nice Mask!

                  It made me contemplate this idea. A mask with two faces but one is looking like a mask pulled up or to the side, yet the "Normal" face under the mask is just a bit "off"? Or maybe the face of a famous horror actor?


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                    Originally posted by Jim Warfield View Post
                    It made me contemplate this idea. A mask with two faces but one is looking like a mask pulled up or to the side, yet the "Normal" face under the mask is just a bit "off"? Or maybe the face of a famous horror actor?
                    You could just do two seperate makeup jobs to each side of the face, one very nutral and innocent (stereotypical little girl) then just go nuts on the other side. Then, depending on light and angle, they would initially only see one face, then u could turn so they only saw the other, then the ending both? Just throwing it out there, that's what I'd do lol