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  • An update from Mr. Haunt

    I have finished my floor plan for my haunt, however I cant figure out how to post it to share with you all.

    Anyway as you know I am going with a Werewolf type them, and the haunt will take place in a cave- WereWolf Cave. Not to sure on a story line. I am a little conserned about the plastic topic.

    Any way I can give you some of the play by play of the lay out. I am not sure about a facade, if I can afford it Will be built. The haunt has 420 feet of walls. The haunt consists of 8 sets that range from smallest 4'x6' to the largest (cemetery) 8'x10'.

    There are long 15' long dark tunels to the shortesrt 5'. The Tunels are 3' wide, should they be widder?

    At the end of the cave you come out into a small cemetery. I am not sure exactly what kind of props or effects are going to be used for the sets.

    Anyway I have one question, should the top of the haunt be covered to give it a cave type feel? Or leave it open due to the safety of the haunt? Note the cemetery will not be covered.

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    How is the weather, and are you inside or outside? An idea I would play with to keep the advantage of an open air maze but keeping the cave atmosphere is what I would call a half arch. The idea being to make the top part like an arch but leave a 2 foot wide air gap. kind of like this:

    // \\
    [[ ]]
    [[ ]]

    Making it irregular, maybe some 4 foot completely covered strches, but discontinuous.

    Least that is what I would do for mine
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      All your plans sound very ambitious.
      Work on it all summer long, every spare moment will still find you in there figuring, thinking, building and whenever you finish, look in a mirror and you will now find that you have also created your Werewolf!
      To busy to remember to shave and long hours "in pursuit" will do this.
      (Although there isn't ALOT of difference between a werewolf and a mutt/dog, maybe you'll just open a fresh can of ALPO and chain yourself to your house and want to nap in the warm sun awhile?)
      I do this. I locate a semi-private spot among the scrap metal piles and lay and wait, not quite awake, not quite asleep, incase someone shows up around here. Dreams of ALPO dance in my half-dreams, "ALPO=GOOD!"


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        I think 3' wide should be OK. Personally, as far as safety goes, it really doesnt matter if the cave area is covered, as long as it's fire proof. Plus I would recommend you cover that area, because it helps to add in the claustrophobia feel.
        Brad Bowen
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          ADA rules require a 48 inch wide corridor.
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            Actually Tony, ADA Accessibility Guidlines state a corridor must be a minimum of 36". Gets tricky doing a 180 degree corner, then you must provide a 60" turning radius.


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              Thanks. (sorry for the bad info there on my part). (this will help in one corner I have to change some 3 feet of garden brick to turn a corner, will make it easier there)
              The word for the day is NPD. Check it out.


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                Brad, also be aware if the space is sprinkled adn covered (as in the cave walkway) you must have sprinkler access. In other words you would have to have sprinklers ABOVE the cave roof and UNDER the cave roof. You can not impair the sprinkler system from reaching all areas.

                Building with drop ceilings have sprinklers above and below the ceiling, the cave would be no different, even made of concrete.
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