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  • On Deadliest Warrior tonight

    Spike has a show called Deadliest Warrior, tonight at 10:00 for the first time they step outside of reality and will pit Vampires Vs. Zombies, should be a good fight. My moneys on the Zombies.
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    I don't know, I might go with Vampires.

    Short Range combat: Zombie wins, more aggressive, could fend off the initial bite because they are already undead.
    Long Range combat: Vampire can swoop in as a bat for a quick attack, Zombie has no long range capability.

    Accuracy: Vampire for sure, they have one target area and are good at going for it, but also a downfall as their only method for killing is that one area, the neck, where a zombie is not very accurate, but can get a kill in many different ways.

    Mental Ability: Hands down the Vampire

    So my questions would be, can a vampire attack do anything to a zombie that is already undead. Would a zombie even be aware of the possible ways to kill a vampire and then be able to use that method.

    Zombie attack capabilities are the same whether day or night where the vampire is very vulnerable during the day.

    Defensive abilities go to the Vampire for sure. Zombies are not really concerned with defending themselves relying on a mass attack with casualties just part of the attack. A Vampire is very aware of his/her surroundings and who is attacking, thus their defensive abilities would be much better.

    This is tough, but I would still go with the Vampire.


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      If they go with an equal number of zombies and vampires (which is the typical protocol for Deadliest Warrior), then it comes down to whether or not the scientists decide to take into account that the vampires are super strong, and can use weapons beyond their teeth (such as machetes for decapitating zombies). Also, traditionally vampires can only be killed by beheading, being exposed to daylight, or being stabbed in the heart with a wooden stake. It is extremely unlikely a zombie would know to do any of these three things.

      It also depends largely upon what Deadliest Warrior decides to use a source material. Are we talking slow "Night of the Living Dead" zombies, or the new faster breed that have populated horror movies for the past decade? Are the vampires traditional, or will they be from "Underworld", complete with automatic weapons?!

      Either way, I just hope it's fun to watch!

      Great thread!


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        watched it

        Vampires win................ what a let down................. 3 vamps against 160 zombie horde on 1 vamp left at the end.


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          Vamps won but by less than 2%


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            Yes they won but in the end the vamp turned into a zombie because of the virus, it was fun to watch.
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              Popeye Zombie featured on the show

              I don't know if anyone noticed but our Popeye zombie
              was featured on the show in almost every dialog shot off in the background, and Max Brooks had his hands in Popeye's mouth.
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