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It's COMING FOLKS... It's Coming!!!

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  • It's COMING FOLKS... It's Coming!!!

    What is coming?

    A new Rogues Hollow has been working on the flash part of the site, our web programer is working on the site being moved to the new server and...

    1) The sites HAVE BEEN MOVED... ALL of my sites! I just haven't changed over the DNS to point to it yet. Once I do that Hauntworld may go down for an hour up to 72 hours. So don't be alarmed.

    2) Once the dns's are pointed to the new server then we'll be changing stuff like mad...

    a) We'll have a LIVE CHAT so you can chat live with your haunt friends all day long, anytime whenver you want.

    b) We'll be changing over the message board to a new version that I bought, which has better features, more functions, and better against spammers.

    c) New site all around will be updated, to the new artwork by Brainstorm and new flash by Rogues Hollow

    d) Search functions on the front page

    e) on line surveys that will be updated all the time.

    d) a hauntworld newsgroup, where you can join and get updates about what is going on in the industry.

    e) soon thereafter all the haunted house listings will show up on itself not linked over to another website.

    So its going to be cool...

    You'll have to let me know what you think once its done!

    Larry Kirchner