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Strating to get frustrated at hauntcon

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    Thanks for your reply Dr. Frightner. We are a fearless family foursome: Barry and Kathy Schieferstein and Kelly Collins and me.

    I have little idea what it must be like to do HauntCon as it is and move around states each year. A Columbus host location is enough of a challenge for us. (Boy Howdy)

    We're dedicated folk. It's possible that we may have more FUN throughout the year ~ enjoying our dinners and gatherings while making conniving plans for our show! Bwa ha haa!

    Best regards All,

    Neena Collins | MidOhio Productions

    Midwest Haunters Convention
    June 3-5, 2011 Columbus, Ohio


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      And again as a non paid endorsement, if any of you are debating on going, please treat yourself and do it!! I went last year and really did have fun and learned a lot. I would be there this year, but while you guys are having fun looking at all the scary stuff, I will be looking at something MUCH more scary: Carnies at the Winneshiek fair in Iowa!! :shock: Or if you need makeup or supplies

      "I am a frickin evil genius who deserves some frickin respect!"


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        As Neena mentioned, you can't forget the 4th VIP in MHC planning, my wife Kathy. She does all of the thankless tasks such as organizing our volunteers, handling the registration, and most importantly, handling most of the problems that occur during any event like this. During the show, she truly is the face of MHC to all of the attendees.

        I really could not imagine trying to do a show without the other three people I have to work with let alone move it from city to city.

        And Ron, thank you for the compliments



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          Whoops... sorry about that. The fearsome foursome!! Yahoo!
          Larry Kirchner


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            Does anyone know the average turnout at Hauntcon?
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              sigh, sigh, sigh.

              I like HAuNTcon. I like the fact it moves across the country. I don't understand why anyone would be apposed to such a concept. I'm a Michigan haunter and love the fact that HAuNTcon is now coming to the Haunted House Captial in the World. The Great Lakes baby, hockeytown, the home of rock and roll. Hundreds of years of ghost stories about farmlands, shipwrecks, Indians, and the huge battles across this great land. There is so much history and foundation for the scary stories that pass from generation to generation it is no doubt that they would creep into small neighborhood haunts, only to grow into the largest chunk of the haunted attraction industry.

              It is simple. If you love haunted attractions, good people, and an all around good time, you will not want to miss out on coming to Michigan. An event like hauntcon is going to give you what you take from it. I was a speaker in Dallas, hung with my friends, met tons of amazing people, went to some great haunts, and partied down with the rest of them.

              See you in Motown.
              Erick Donaldson
              Gazall-Lewis & Associates, Architects
              Entertainment Design



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                I hear you Erick! I am looking forward to coming up there. I wish we could get in on the Thursday tours but that will be travel day. Erebus shoud be great though on Friday!

                If our Thursday tour does as well as we expect it to, look for MHC to take advantage of the number of haunts in Ohio in years to come. We are already talking about the '08 tour.

                See you in Detroit.



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                  I don't have a problem with Hauntcon... we did two different stories about Hauntcon in our magazine. We also printed a press release about the event provided to me by Leonard himself. In fact Leonard had an ad in one of our magazine a while back.

                  The whole concept for Hauntcon was something I came up with, planned, and everything else. I did this back when I was pushing IAHA to do their own tradeshow... they thought one wouldn't be possible. I came up with basically what Hauntcon is right now... IAHA never acted upon the idea, but another IAHA member, who followed every post I wrote about the subject did... Leonard Pickel.

                  A year after I pushed IAHA to do the Hauntcon style event, Leonard did it himself... someone needed to do it, but I was hoping IAHA would do it. IAHA has just always failed to do anything that really mattered, just too afraid to do what needs to be done, so time and time again we see private individuals do these things themselves and prosper for doing it.

                  IAHA could be running Hauntcon right now, Hauntcon could have been IAHA's event, but instead a private person owns and operates this event, rather than an entire industry. Sad really!

                  I'd much rather see an event like this produced by the whole industry, not one person...but oh well. Better to have it run by one person than no one.

                  I fully understand that events like this are good for the industry, and hope everyone learns something from all the wonderful haunts that will be toured. They will be touring some really outstanding haunts!!! Good for them!

                  I wish everyone a good time!

                  Larry Kirchner


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                    Usually things with a definate profit-motive for an individual seems to work better if their own time and money is invested in the project .
                    Infact I bet 98%of things with this mentioned criteria do work pretty good for these obvious reasons.
                    "I do the work, I get the rewards."
                    "You do the work, you get the rewards."
                    If something is really nobody's project, then who cares?
                    Know what I mean?
                    I invented a new valve system for car engines, I drew it up, I was only in 5th grade at the time.
                    Years later I discovered the same system was tried out in a LeMans racecar owned by a wealthy Saudi, maybe just a year or two before I had the idea. Not many ideas coming from 5th graders get much serious notice for some reason?