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  • Vortex Tunnel

    Does anyone know of any good sites to order/build Vortex tunnels from? I work at a non profit haunt and we are trying to find an easy/cheap way of doing this. Thanks in advance

    Jesus loves you, but everyone else thinks you're an asshole.

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    Tater, email me and I can give you some contacts.


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      "Tater" inside a spinning tunnel will be an automatic potato peeler!


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        It is still early enough in the season to get a great deal, we do what we can to help non-profit attractions!
        Spinning Tunnels


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          By selling them tater peelers
          The word for the day is NPD. Check it out.


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            TATER YOU SILLY FOOL!!!!!!!

            You really should watch out for models who have had tooooooooo much to drink! Too funny dude!
            I thought that chick was going to tackle you right there infront of the elevator for dumping that bottle on her......hell i bet she was in her own Vortex tunnel when all that went down
            Gee could it get any better than this?


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              Let the record state

              That I DID NOT dump anything on her. Her butt hit grannys urine bottle and upset it on the womens bathroom floor (dont ask what i was doing in there) which upset the bathroom attendent. Granny tried to explain what happened to the bathroom lady and that drunken model heard granny say her butt and thats all she needed. The really bad thing was is i got an ear full of her in the bathroom too, I thought she was done with me after I left the bathroom I guess we all found out differently.

              and thats a good idea Ken ill just get everyone really drunk and make them walk through a non revolving tunnel, That would be an easy way of doing it
              Jesus loves you, but everyone else thinks you're an asshole.


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                With drunks who needs a tunnel? A plastic bucket put over their head works just fine.
                They feel "sick"? pull the bucket off them, turn it open side up and puke away. They get done, put the bucket back on their head.
                My old instructional video showed the way a "Man" pukes. Pull the neck of your shirt out from your chest and put it all down inside of the shirt, "Be a man, take it with you!" (Not in my house!)


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                  Call Oliver Holler in Myrtle Beach SC at the Ghosts and Legends theater.


                  Oli put a book out on the subject and maybe even a video.

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                  Author "The Complete Haunted House Book"

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                    Oli really impressed me when he was here at Ravens Grin.
                    I have never seen anyone move so far that quickly , ever!
                    It was just one of those "Coffin" things, you know.....
                    ...well, there was a young man from Germany who moved real fast when I opened my front door to begin the tour.
                    He not only covered about 30 feet of ground in 2.5 seconds but did it with a 90 degree turn in the middle of that 30feet with some loose gravel under his feet and never came close to falling down!
                    I later asked him if he had ever considered being on his country's olympic team, in "some?" capacity?
                    I am pretty sure he was the one who after the tour said, "I do not mean to insult you, but I have been in a much more scary "house".
                    Then he told me about his being in the West German army, training in a urban setting battlefield, he walked into one of those tricked-out "houses", took a few steps , and a trapdoor opened under his feet and he fell straight down , he claimed 10 or more feet with his full field pack, gun, helmet on, landing on some cardboard boxes with a concrete floor under them!
                    Then in total darkness he had to find his way out of a basement maze nailed together made out of old wooden ammo boxes.
                    Some guys have all the fun!
                    How many front teeth were left hanging on the edges of the trapdoor opening?