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We have outgrown our buildings and need advice on new buildi

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  • We have outgrown our buildings and need advice on new buildi

    Hello there, Scream Farm has outgrown our one large building and three smaller buildings and we want to add another medium to large building.
    Can anyone suggest a good company that does steel buildings in the south,
    we are in Alabama that we could trust to do a good job at a decent price
    and all up to safety codes?

    Thanks so much any and all advice is accepted with Glee and appreciated
    from the bottom of our hearts.

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    You could always go with a SCAIRStructure. THey are blow up buildings, much like the jump king thins they have at kids parties. They are relatively cheap, and its not a permenant location either, it can be moved around very easily.
    Brad Bowen
    Owner/Operator of the Ultimate Fear Haunted House in Shreveport, LA


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      I still like the inflatable Gothic Cathedral from France. People rent them to have weddings in them.
      They are very tall, they have furniture in them (inflatable)
      I think it would be very tempting to inflate one of these, stand up and begin preaching, saying, "I am the god of the wind."
      Then the sound of all the air gushing out of the structure is heard for the next hour as it collapses around everyone.
      I wonder if such a tall, plastic bag of air would be sort of lightning-proof?


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        Thanks so much!

        I appreciate all the advice and I am going to look at scairstructures.
        we wanted to get a new steel building like what we have but
        they are very expensive and we are only wanting to stay in this
        same spot that we are one more year then build a very very large
        building on another part of our land.

        thanks again

        Come Scream with us at SCREAM FARM