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O.M.G. (part TWO)

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  • O.M.G. (part TWO)

    Over these last 20 years of being open for business almost every night of the entire year, I have seen about every imaginable type of a group, foreigners, nursing babys, 90 year olds(nursing home) Alcoholics Anonymous, Boy Scouts, Church youth groups, Farmers Without Partners,people with handicaps, but as I always say, when it comes to anything involving "people", you never will have seen it all.
    Tonight proved this.
    First a guy and a girl showed up, I barely began the front room when the doorbell rang again.
    There were 6 young men out there and all but one of them was wearing dark green sweat clothes, but there was no emblem or logo or numbers on them?
    Two of them were the "keepers", the other four were the fraternity pledges!!
    Yes, I made a few jokes about their one "keeper" who did not come in the house , jokes as to how they would not recognise him in the wine cellar in that costume as he abused them as they hung from the stone wall by those chains sort of a thing!
    Some Fun!

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    jim i know a woman that says your a D.I.L.F. hahaha


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      dilf? So what's wrong with the rest of the letters of the alphabet?
      D. I. L. F.?
      Denatured Imbellcilic Limping Feel-gooder?
      Darwinisticly Incomplete Leecherous Fartmonger?
      Dweebly Intense Laughable Fungus?
      Dark Internal Leper Family?
      Doomsday Ideals Lover Fanatic?
      Dumb Idiot Left Floundering?


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        she said its the oposite of a M.I.L.F.


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          Who is this person, and why is she saying these things about me?
          (Ha hahahaah! That was once a movie title, or close to it.)

          Multiple Intelligent Longboned Fellow?