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  • This is what I am thinking!

    Now that I have decided that my haunt will be outdoors, this is what I am thinking.

    The building that was offered to me to use for my haunt, will become staff headquarters. Here there is a service window to use for a ticket booth. The rest of the building space will house the wordrobe and staff lounge, bathrooms, and the first aid staion.

    The haunt its self will take place in the large area used for carnival rides while the fair is open. My plan is for this part, since it will not be very wooded. I will space out the scenes far apart from eachother. All of the sets will be surrounded by plastic walls, some of these sets will probably be covered. Is that OK?

    There might be a few "spooks" between sets, just to keep the guests blood pressure up.

    Anyway for what I might be limmited in the finacial department, I have to go with what I have. I was only thinking of doing my haunt outsided the first year so that I have more money to build wood walls for an indoor haunt. But If it goes well outside, then it just might stay that way.

    Tell me what you think :twisted:

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    Go for it. Art knows no rules, no boundaries, only safety laws Maybe a junkyard type of post-nuclear future sort of haunt? Fake trees all around?
    Jute mesh? A fake pallette maze? (avoid the real things, VERY hard to fireproof and splinter, try making fake ones out of garden stakes or something).
    The word for the day is NPD. Check it out.