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Should a queue line have it's own theme?

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    I think queue lines are the best part of haunts. It's where the attention of your customers are at it's highest and a good queue is able to tell the story of your haunt and set the mood. I love psychological thrillers moreso than slasher flicks... and it all has to do with anticipation and build-up.

    Show me a great queue line and I'll show you a great haunt.

    Now let's see some more pictures! Ha.


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      Haunted memphis said it about as good as I could


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        DarkSyde que

        We have a 5,000 square foot que-line at DarkSyde Acres, originally we designed sets as special previews to our multiple attractions with video screens, playing rules or commercials thru-out. One of the best thing s about our themed out queline was that most people actually assumed they were in the Haunted House, I think a theme is definitely required and entertainment a must have for anywhere you have guests waiting.
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          A Recent Facebook Post..

          Of mine for Ravens Grin I told a story of the possible personal experience of traveling to my house, sights along the way, rural, lonely(= "scary?") and then how this small village looks upon their arrival,like a movie set , it's 1870 again! And it's all REAL! Civil War cannons, Civil War monument with statues, brick streets, antique street lights, all with the vision of the city graveyard looking right down at all of the downtown from the next hill. (The "Dead" are watching everything we do.")
          Turn the corner, right behind all of this .. is The Ravens Grin Inn , another 1870 big old Italianate house , with a real haunted history. A proprty surrounded by parking lots and woods a haunted, haunted house at the edge of a cliff.
          This type of post, "ad" , if you will, caused a response of "After that last paragraph, I will be coming to see your house next month!"
          Sounds very good to me.


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            Why st at the queue?

            Our theme extends to the outside as well. When people get out of their cars and enter into "the zone" they are met with audio that extends inside the haunt. Props and atmosphere outside starts setting them up for what lies inside. The queue is an important part to us, and we spend a lot of time making sure the queue is as detailed and haunting as the haunt itself.
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