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Hauntworld Movie 18 ... Yes we're going to do one! NOW!

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  • Hauntworld Movie 18 ... Yes we're going to do one! NOW!

    Okay folks as you may have already heard, I'm planning TWO Hauntworld Magazines back to back...

    For this issue I want to launch Hauntworld Movie part 18!

    On this issue we already have some haunted houses which we'll feature.

    I need MORE haunted house videos!!!

    DO YOU WANT YOUR HAUNT FEATURED??? Send me the video on DVD if you can to... 501 Rolling Hills Drive, St. Charles, Mo. 63304.

    On part 18, I do continue the lights on tour of our attraction but this time we'll be going upstairs at the Darkness. Furthermore we'll be doing a lights on tour showing you EVERYTHING inside our new Trailer Haunt including safety stuff, how we do a sprinkler system, to you name it.

    If you want your haunt featured send in the footage!!!

    Larry Kirchner

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    Dang, still havent cracked open 17 to watch yet! Keep me on order for it when it comes out
    The word for the day is NPD. Check it out.


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      Larry, I'm lloking forward to seeing some of this footage.

      And I guaruntee you, that at the end of this season, I will have some footage to send out. I am planning on a much better haunt than what I had last year, and I think that some of my room designs will catch a bit of attention. I hope at least!!!
      Brad Bowen
      Owner/Operator of the Ultimate Fear Haunted House in Shreveport, LA


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        Im surprised another Haunt World is coming out so soon?! Dont get me wrong I can't wait! I know you wanna show off the Darkness and your new trailer haunt makeover ect. And all of us wanna see it! But the last H.W. got a bit of criticism?! Really more constructive criticism I thought. Ya I made a few comments but overall I liked the video. And others stressed some things as well about part 17. Im just hoping this will be the video to top all videos! If everyone could send in DVD footage ect. And you were able to add extra's. Put Midnight Syndicate back on as the background music track. Bloopers which you've said you have 100's of them in the past ect. I think it would really be cool! More Dr. Lady skits and even Jim Warfield doing a skit or two would be awesome! Heck send them a cam to borrow to shoot there's if they still like using the old 1980 family camcorder you have to strap to your shoulder! "No offense Im not saying thats what you use." But someone complained about Dr. Lady's footage being grainy. Who cares I don't but to make the Haunt World to top all Haunt World"s you would need top footage. I dont know there are many things that could make this the top Haunt World to top all Haunt Worlds. Maybe a double disc! One with all the footage of haunts and intro's. Then if your not able to put extra's? Which I dont know if you can or not I know you can only put like 2hrs or something close to that on Dvd compared to VHS which you can put more time on. I think people ought to suggest what they would like to see like they ask what they want in H.W. magazine. I know I own all the videos and love them. I watch them all the time! There priceless to me! I show them to anyone who wants to watch them. And they like them too. I know your Haunted Productions promo video has some very cool footage and video production you all put together so I know what your all capable of! Dont get me wrong I know what you all do in St. Louis! And you amaze me everytime I come there to go through your haunts. So I cant wait to see the Haunt World to top all Haunt World's! Please make a double disc I would pay $40.00 bucks for it!
        Damon Carson