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    We will be going to a much smaller building this year if we so decide to buy a building instead of lease.
    With that said i look forward to a smaller haunt and not the goliath we had.
    If you need a drill it's 400 feet over there!

    Going smaller as somebody said gives a much better chance with the actors,group scares i believe are the best,line them up and everybody gets them one right after another,everybody setting the next scare up!

    If your ceilings are high enough, plan a few overhead scares as well but build it safe. The crowd least expects flyers and overhead scares especially in a small building.
    Lastly, Lots of details are the key! If you have a small haunt with little detail the crowd will know they have been juked out of their wallets and will not return next year. Same haunt although small and detailed for a good price the crowd will love and want more, thats why you get a little bigger the next year and so on.

    It's really not about building the haunt the first few years it's about building a fan base!


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      Steve, one free resource which will help are the JBCorn haunted house books. I am hosting them on my website, check out and click on the JBCorn CD link. You can then download the entire CD.

      The CD is a member perk to IAHA members as well as the upcoming videos set to DVD. After release to members, it will then be hosted for downloading.
      The word for the day is NPD. Check it out.


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        Thanx... I'll check it out now. :idea:

        "Follow the Bloody Brick Road to Nightmare Village"