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  • Plastic?

    If I decide to do an outdoor haunt, what kind of plastic can I use for walls?

    I have an idea from Oak Island Productions. They have black plastic for $350 at 60''x50 yards or $600 at 60''x100 yards

    Can I find it cheaper at other places?

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    make sure you buy fireproof black sheeting or the firemarshal will laugh at you.oak islands may be fireproofed but i would make sure


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      Oakislands products such as these are fire proofed and water and mold proofed. I just thought the price was a little steep, thats all.


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        Check around and see if you have any local places to buy cheap fabric. Luckily, we have a "Bleachery" near here that sells fabric by the pound. I find it cheeper to buy that and flame proof it myself. (Spartan brand crystal flame retardant mixed with water in a garden sprayer.)
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          Americover has a product you might be interested in. You can check it out at I've never used it and I don't know how it compares to Oak Island's product, but the site says it's fire rated. :wink:


          I took the period off the end of the link so it'll work now. :wink:
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            Since you are outdoors, you may not have as strict rules since the danger is mostly nasty fumes which would not be contained outdoors.


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              Or if your in Illinois and you have a small haunt in a little town that the fire marshal apparently didn't visit! You can use regular black plastic all day to make all your walls!

              If the place catches fire make sure you have a few hundred gas masks so your patrons can run out of building trying to extinguish themselves as plastic drips on them and burns for hours after their out!

              Sorry this is all meant in sarcasm but i did witness a black plastic indoor haunt last year and thought i would share.

              Just another reason i am for Haunt by laws!