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A Little Laugh for The Night.

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  • A Little Laugh for The Night.

    My doorbell rang, I heard people outside talking, I opened my ticket window (rolled down the 1958 Ford car window) to see a young man maybe 16 to 18 about six feet tall, the girls were much shorter, but controlling him by ganging up on him, being held in place by two young girls as he wants to cut and run.
    The one girl handed me the admission in spite of his protests that he didn't want to be here!
    I opened the door, they came in and were seated.
    As I told the haunted history of the house I kept the front room a little darker than usual, he was trapped between the two girls on the couch, they had ahold of his arms so he couldn't move. (He really wanted to move!)
    As I was into the routine about 10 minutes my throat suddenly told me it needed a cough drop... I excused myself through the door to the calling cough drop.
    As I re-entered the dark front room I altered my walk , making a slow, seemingly painfull creep, making no other sounds......
    After a pregnant pause I turned in the dark towards them huddled together on the couch and said loudly, "Jim Couldn't Come Back!"
    As they all jumped and winched!
    ..getting back into my telling of the haunted history, the room was again very dark, the narration slow and deeply spoken of strange incidents from 82 years ago and from last month...tension builds as I am silent and begin walking very slowly toward them on a noisey carpet.....but I am walking with legs locked weaving side to side taking little steps making many, many steps to cover very little distance! I should be "there" by now!
    Tension is very high now and I turn on my flashlight and say, "Does anybody really walk like this?"

    That's what happens to youngmen when your girlfriend is a Goth-girl! hahahahha! She drags you into a haunted house against your will!
    They were alot of fun!