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    Hey Guys,

    When using a generator do you need any special equipment inside the haunt example: Special fuse box panel for generator voltage? or do you just wire it like a typical house?


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    You need to have fused circuits between the generator and the outlets, if this is what you are asking?
    If the generator is providing all your electricity or is it infact a back-up system, only running when/if power from a utility company is lost?
    Automatic switch-over equiptment can electrocute people when main line power is shut off and the stand-by generator then turns itself on, automatically.
    "Off" doesn't always mean "Off", in this case.


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      The Generator will be the main and only power source for the trailer haunt.


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        Depending on where your located(inside city limits, and what state), you will want to use GFCI's- Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters. This is like a 3-way attatchment that would would plug into a wall outlet, and you have 3 plug outlets to use now. Except this GFCI, has the circuit breaker built into it. It should appeal to Mr. Fire Man, and I think you can pick them up at any big hardware store.
        Brad Bowen
        Owner/Operator of the Ultimate Fear Haunted House in Shreveport, LA