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    I just got the Haunting Makup DVD Vol.#1 by shutter productions. It has some pretty good stuff in it and would recomend it.
    But.... does anyone know of any better or comparable DVDs on the market? I am looking at putting more into my actors and costumes this year and since I am in the boonies need to find a way to do it without spending a fortune on travel.

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    Sure....wait for Haunting Makeup Volume 2 to come out. hahahaha. Sorry I know that's not what you're looking for.

    Well, I do Pashur is coming out with a DVD soon, and there is always the Castle Blood DVDs.

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      In addition to Haunting Makeup, I've got several by Michael Burnett (they are older), and a bunch of various ones that I've accquired throughout the years. I wouldn't discount any of them, as each as different techniques, as well as different makeups. I recommend books, too. Not necessarily just FX makeup books, but theater makeup, facepainting, etc. Tom Savini's Grande Illusions books give some step-by-step info, as well.


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        I though I learned a lot from Mark Alfrey's Prosthetic Makeup-up for Beginners. It could have been when I saw it though, since I have not seen it in awhile. But I recall it being a great DVD.

        I really thought the Zombie demo on the Special Effects Master Class Volume II done by Greg McDougall was good as well.

        According to the the Wolfe Brothers they have a DVD in the works. From the seminars I have had and the work I have seen I would expect it to be a must have DVD for any horror or haunted house makeup fan.

        I am sure there are others people have their thoughts on..........


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          I know that most of the Haunted Media DVDs have a workshop section on each volume that has a few how-to demonstrations on them, but as far as I know they don't have an entire DVD devoted to makeup. As Jonathan from RFR suggested you can wait until HAUNTING MAKEUP VOLUME TWO comes out, but that won't be until by the end of this year or by Transworld 2008 at the latest. I am re-cutting my first DVD PLAYING WITH FEAR for a special edition due out by the end of the summer. It will have an all new acting how-to section and a makeup section with at least 4-5 makeups. This new footage will be approximately 1 hour of additional material on top of the existing 138 minutes of the original. So, this may be enough to keep your makeup appetite wet for a while, or until someone else comes out with a new makeup DVD (the Wolfe Brothers teamed up with Shutter Productions? Sounds like a good idea to me). I know that the initial question was an inquiry about makeup DVDs, but as far as print is concerned, in my opinion, the best bang for your buck--after all these years (originally printed in the early sixties)--also in it's 8th or 9th printing, Dick Smith's Do-It-Yourself Monster Make-up Handbook gives you a lot of great demos. It includes info on where to buy materials, and how to create scars, cuts, bruises and homemade blood. The simple makeups in the book include werewolf #1, Martian #1, Ghoul #1 and #2, and a Mummy. The advanced makeups include werewolf #2, Quasimodo, Mr. Hyde, New Frankenstein, and molded gelatin appliances. This is a must-have for anyone who wants to have a variety of skills, and a great reference tool to have around to look at from time to time. It doesn't matter what the source is. Whether you use DVDs, books, seminars, or just good old fashioned practtice on yourself, the important thing is to keep learning!
          Geoff Beck is an acting and makeup veteran of 13+ years who has been involved in educational seminars and has worked as a coordinator for many different haunts. He has directed PLAYING WITH FEAR, and HAUNTING MAKEUP VOLUME ONE.


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            Let me just second Geoff's comment on the Dick Smith Do-It-Yourself Monster Make-up Handbook. This is one of those must have makeup books. It is easy to read, great to use, and you can learn something from it. I know I come up with a new thought or idea every single time I flip through it.

            And thanks to Geoff for his DVD. Its nice to have makeup demos, done for a haunt, talking costuming and everything makeup people think through working a haunt, on one DVD. You really captured some great work on that DVD. Thanks.,....


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              Speaking of resources as far as being influenced for makeup jobs. This may sound dumb to mention, but check out a lot of horror movies and the behind-the-scenes bonus features with the info on how they did the effects including everything from makeup to full body suits and animitronics. You may be the person reading this right now laughing out loud at me to mention something that seems to you to be so basic, right? But, I am constantly meeting people who say they love scarying people within the haunted attraction industry, but are the first to tell you they don't watch or even like horror movies. Having said this, even they should see some of the behind the-scenes portions of good horror movies, because the more the you fill your mind with creative influences and ideas, the more likely they will eventually materialize in a tangable form (ie: set designs for a room at your haunt, or a makeup or costume idea, etc. Again this is not rocket science, but a lot of creative people in the industry in my opinion don't take advantage of enough info that is available. Hanging out at a haunt in the makeup room every night watching your buddy do 6-10 makeup jobs while you have someone spit blood on your face and where this as your makeup job, and then spend half the acting night handing out cough drops and water to the actors, and the other half in the break room chain smoking will not make you a better actor or makeup artist. Sorry about the rant here, but each of you out there reading this knows of at least 10 of these kinds of actors at your haunt.
              Geoff Beck is an acting and makeup veteran of 13+ years who has been involved in educational seminars and has worked as a coordinator for many different haunts. He has directed PLAYING WITH FEAR, and HAUNTING MAKEUP VOLUME ONE.


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                ops: To bring up the vibe here, I decided to end my thoughts on this topic more on a positive note. If all of us working at a haunt can show some of the more "enthusiastically chanllenged" peers around us how much fun and rewarding it is to push ourselves, maybe this enery will rub off on them. Again, back to being influnced by movies, I read on another thread that someone who recently saw the new movie DEAD SILENCE was influenced by some of the set designs and images they remember and will try to impliment them in a creative way at their haunt this year. Between somehere around the beginning of september all the way up to and into october I watch mostly horror or science fiction/fantasy movies. This really gets me to start thinking creatively. I may not even be planning on bringing out a new character, but this opens my mind to maybe adding some new dialogue to a character, or trying some new makeup technique. I know he's been around forever, but any DVD that has a behind-the-scenes bonus feature with Rick Baker will influence you on how to conceptualize and execute a makeup idea in a professional way. Also, another great makeup resource is The Winston Effect ($50.00, but well worth it) which was released the fall of 2006. This book has tons of great photos and in-depth explaination on how effects where done for many of the films of Stan Winston's career. It can be purhcased at Borders Book Store.

                Geoff Beck
                Geoff Beck is an acting and makeup veteran of 13+ years who has been involved in educational seminars and has worked as a coordinator for many different haunts. He has directed PLAYING WITH FEAR, and HAUNTING MAKEUP VOLUME ONE.