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College Course(s) u recommend for the Haunt Business

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  • College Course(s) u recommend for the Haunt Business

    Hi Everyone,

    I want to venture into owning a Haunted Attraction someday. I am thinking about college.

    So I wondering what kind of course(s) would be good for someone venturing into this type of business?

    I know I've read on here stage/set design or something like that. I think my communication skills lack, so I would like a course for that also.

    If not college course(s), how about books I could read. I'm not much of a reader, but do read if the subject is right and captivates my interest.

    I have Kel's book so you can't recommend that one. lol


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    Small business, woodworking,
    The word for the day is NPD. Check it out.


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      marketing, classes on city politics, some schools offer courses for people opening up businesses that offer several classes that will help out.


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        Math, Card-Sharking, Pimping.


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          I would think a general all around bussiness course would be my first option, know what your doing with your expenditures and accounting if you don't have that you may not be around long.
          Secondarys would be set design,general carpentry as Jim said and specail effects make up class would be very helpful.

          Advertising and the such people here could teach you a lot.


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            As far as building and design:

            Stagecraft and lab
            Scenic Design
            Scenic Painting
            Puppetry (prop making, not "puppets")
            Rigging (more set-up, tear down, and safety)
            Lighting Design
            Theatre accoustics (all on sound, speakers, amps, mixers, etc.)

            Here at NKU, we are in like the top 50 schools in the US as far as Entrepreneurs are concerned. We have an entire college/institute for them, and they are still growing! Companies like Proctar & Gamble, Fifth-Third Bank, US Bank, Toyota, Cedar Fair Ent. Company, and ALOT more are supporting our Entrepreneurship

            Hope that helps. -Tyler
            Chris Riehl


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              Thanks for all the info. I have knowledge in small business(have my own). I have basic knowledge in carpentry and electrical and even have a friend who would work for me in that department. All the other classes sound cool except for business politics. I am not a fan of politics. Not into it, do I really have to take that course?


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                I'd definitely recommend a theater makeup course. It helps you learn shading and dimension, as well as anatomical structure. Not to mention, it's fun! Art classes come in handy, too.