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  • He Did It.....AGAIN!

    Once again, Braden from Pumpkinhead Design has created something for us that I am very happy about!

    We have found that putting 4 x 6 postcards in the hands of potential customers have more of an impact than the regular flyers. So, without much of a description as to what I wanted other than giving him our haunt's storyline and asking him to make our logo follow that storyline, this is what he came up with. We are so pleased!

    As soon as the back of the postcard is finished, I'll put that up, as well.

    Also, I followed Larry's advice he gives on a few of his videos to put your website as the presenter. I will continue to do this on all our advertising tools to drive traffic to our site.

    There's just one concern though....

    It's obvious our haunt is about klownz. Since there's a high percentage of the population who's not "clown happy", do you feel the postcards may drive customers away?

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    Empress 99% of customers say they hate clowns but their always the first ones in line to see them. I don't think your going to scare anybody away. I have yet to see anybody not go to a haunt because it has clowns as most do have them.

    Flyer looks great! Nice work


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      Just yesterday a woman was telling me about the time she hired a professional clown to do the entertaining at her son's 7th Birthday party.
      The moment the kids saw the clown EVERYBODY was screaming and running away!
      She lived in a Chicago suburb at the time so I asked her if she had hired J. Gacy in his clown suit? No, she hadn't.
      When the evil-clown brothers were here one October they kept wanting to take breaks near the front of the house where most of the incoming customers would see them, I kept insisting they break further back, in the dark, so as not to scare anyone away, especially before they paid for their ticket!!!


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        Nice work, PH! I like it!

        Emp, I don't think it'll drive anyone away. It'll probably make them curious as to what it is...especially naming "the Treatment" on the card. Maybe some of them will show up hoping to be "cured." Ooooh, man I wish I could be a fly on your haunt walls this season!


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          Good work PH!!
          Virgil: Master Of The Ethermuse


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            Very Nice. Looks Good! "Laugh to Death" - thats awesome. I think people will be intriged by that, I know I would. lol


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              Emp, it's looking good so far.

              Show us the back as soon as it's done.
              Brad Bowen
              Owner/Operator of the Ultimate Fear Haunted House in Shreveport, LA


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                Very NICE!!!

                I think your card is great....We have had several large clown units at the park over the years...Yes we have "lost a few by pushing the advertising BUT" I also know we gained a lot more by letting everone know we had something special and it was really themed well. My actors really loved the clown units as it gave them a great hayday with the makeup and costuming. Some of them were having a little too much fun with it I suppose but it worked well!
                Good Luck with your event !
                Crazy Bob Turner - Haunted HydroDark Attraction Park -Fremont, Ohio