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    Ok, got the DVD yesterday and had one of the other haunt makeup artists come watch it with me. We loved it! In the case of the gelatin makeups that were used, I would agree with Robert and just add a little glycerin to the mix. I prefer the gel-foam cubes, but it you are using the recipe they gave just add a bit of glycerin and it'll stay flexible.

    And by the way, Todd, you cracked us up in all of your bits!


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      Hello everyone, as Jonathan eluded to earlier I was lurking somewhere on other boards . But I am back now, but as I can see a lot of you helpful folks already tried to help out Kevin Dells with his intitial questions about the Jeff Glatzer gelatin makeup on my new DVD HAUNTING MAKEUP VOLUME ONE. Just to clarify a few things I wanted to mention that instead of using latex to seal the gelatin, Jeff used a plasticiszer called watermellon which is a Michael Davie product because Jeff has recently had some bad alergic reactions to latex. Of cousre latex is preferable, and also as one of you mentioned the usage of glycerin would help (allthough it was not used in the video) to keep the gelatin appliance felxible. Added to the glycerin as I am told some zinc oxide would help (I do not know what the appropriate mixture would be or where you can get it). I am told by the model Rex Hamilton that wearing a plastic bag on his head (because his head is too big for a standard bald cap) is not any warmer on his head as a rubber bald cap (contradicting what someone on an earlier post thought). On the subject of heat, I would not recommend using gelatin until the second half of the haunting season, and for the warmer states like South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, save it for the last week or to not use gelatin at all. Personally I only use gelatin for seminars or for quick coverage over a latex build up to give a makeup a goopy look. In films we are used to seeing it used for open cuts, or wounds, but for haunted houses a similar look can be achieved using latex with cotton build up using fresh scab a little stage blood on top (you can even use ky jelly instead on top of some red and black grease paint to make the wound or cut look fresh and slimy). Gelatin is also great when doing an old age makeup. You can take shreaded cotton and roll them up into little tiny ballls and place them in places like around the mouth, on and around the nose, around the ears,etc to create pusy boils (painted redish baige). When covered with ky jelly these boils look really iritated and sweaty giving the overall makeup a fairly realistic look (great for witches and que-line actors getting in people's faces). If anyone has any questions about any of the other makeups used in the DVD feel free to post them here or email me at

      Geoff Beck
      Geoff Beck is an acting and makeup veteran of 13+ years who has been involved in educational seminars and has worked as a coordinator for many different haunts. He has directed PLAYING WITH FEAR, and HAUNTING MAKEUP VOLUME ONE.


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        Originally posted by maverick005
        hey kevin....gelatin will get rock hard if it dries the dvd i think they used latex as a sealant so that it slows the drying process down...if you watch it over again, i think he says it in there somewhere....i believe you are talking about the makeup that roger miller did...i hope this answers the question....

        todd poole
        I've been using gelatin buildups for over 10 years.

        A few layers of latex added over the gelatin will keep it soft, flexible, and aid in keeping it from literally melting off your face when you get too hot.

        Unlike latex, gelatin melts when placed under slightly hot water so you can apply it into your hair, eyebrows, beard, or mustache if you wish.

        Who knew plain old store bought Knox Gelatin could be so much fun!
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          Thanks for all the reply's guys and no i didn't know Rex has a big head(LOL) and i also didn't know it would wash out of hair with hot water,interesting!

          A few people from my crew have been using a green colored face mask that women put on their faces to clean. This is applyed to the whole head but when dry it cracks for a really cool look,inexpensive and washes right out.

          Again Thanks for so many replies,im overwhelmed!!