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  • What scares you?

    I'm putting it out there, The Burger King Guy disturbs me. lol How bout you? Anything?

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    Needles, Dolls, Bees (little flying attack needles) and that order

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      Being in the woods alone at night scares the snot out of me!

      Thats why every June i pack a 120 pound pack into my canoe and venture miles into the woods for a week alone,face the fear!!!

      What you will find out is Bambi isn't as badd a$$ as you think he is!!LOL


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        uhhh the only thing that makes me uncomfortable is pitch black. I hate not knowing what is 1 inch from me. The only fear I must have are tornados. Must have some fear of those things as I dream about being in one about once a month..... Or if you need makeup or supplies

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          Small children in horror movies freak me out
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            Those common, lowly, villagers scare me (and Franky!)
            I guess it could also be called mob mentality, so I guess I'm afraid of committees too,... parole boards,.....when there is more than two psychiatrists in the room.....


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              People in white uniform shirts with badges and patches that say "Fire Inspector" !!!!LOL!!! Sends a shiver down any Haunt Owner's back!!!
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                i did a yahoo search and it seems your not alone with the bk guy.have you thought about a hamburger room?lol


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                  A serious faced doctor coming to see me after a check-up and saying, "I'm afraid I have some bad news..."
                  "We all go a little mad sometimes..."

                  - Norman Bates


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                    Roller coasters. *shiver*

                    Of course, that's mostly because I suffer from Vertigo. All high places make me a little dizzy. I enjoy the 'speed coasters' - the smaller ones with lots of twists and turns, but I hate the super tall ones. I like the 'thrill' of the motion, but heights make me puke. Not fun.
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                    I have become comfortably numb.


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                      What scares me!
                      Just the thought of it!
                      My mother-in-law coming to live with us.....
                      Ghoul Town


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                        Spiders and Snakes... that's about it. -Tyler
                        Chris Riehl


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                          Spiders and heights for me. We have this poll up on the main page of our web site right now with about 80 votes. Click over and leave your vote.

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                            Besides Mr. Tuxedo (I never did trust him) it would have to be needles. The scene in Saw II about drove me out of the room...


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                              For me anything that is a religious horror take off.

                              Must be my beliefs or something but things like being possessed, etc. always make me feel uneasy.

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