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    Can someone explain how Monster Mud works. Do you use colored latex paint when you mix it with mud? Does it get hard or remain flexible due to the latex paint? What is the ratio of latex paint to mud? Things of this nature.

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    Try this website for monster mud ideas and techniques...

    Hope it helps.



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      We have always mixed saw dust with latex paint to do our monster mud work. The amount of saw dust you put in depends on how textury you want the walls or props. If you want big texture we have even used kitty litter.
      Brian Warner
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      Technical Director of Forsaken Haunted House
      Mechanical Designer (animatronics) at Gore Galore


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        i have been using monster mud for years now but im looking for something a little more solid and durable.i have never tried using the plaster,does that harden more solid?and is it a little more weather proof than the water based joint compound?also to answer the first question,the latex paint you add has to be exterior.thats sopposed to be what makes it weather proof but dosnt work very well if props sit outside.and i mix mine at 1 gallon exterior paint to one bucket joint compound so its close to 5-1 ratio


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          thanks for all the responses and suggestions, i welcome more responses and pictures of old projects, everyone could benefit from pictures, thanks again.


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            For more durability, I've used a few coats of Dry-Lock, the basement waterproofing stuff. Got that idea from Webby in Utah.

            And for my outdoor statues, I use fiberglass resin.

            I drape fabric and fold /glue/staple it just like I'm prepping it for joint compound/paint

            but then I put a coat or two of fiberglass resin over it instead, and they can stay out all the time, no weather damage.
            please use all precautions listed on the cans of the resin.
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              Monster Mudd is fantastic fun stuff.
              We used a recipe we saw online and yes we tried to use drylock and it
              does work to make it more durable, also drylock hydaulic cement added
              to the mix makes it EVEN stronger.giggles
              we made a 7 foot tall guardian statue with fingers made of dismantled
              ink pens covered with latex we found the plans for the guardian online
              and he turned out so kewl! He looks like a hooded skeletal monk
              and holds a skull in his boney hands as well. He is a big hit every year!
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                do you have the site where you found the directions to this statue?

                sounds pretty cool!

                Sean De Wane
                The De Wane Asylum


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                  You go into a haunted house.
                  The monster is waiting.
                  He scares you!
                  You get home and there's the "Monster Mudd" right there in your underware!
                  An art supply store once sold big buckets of acrylic modeling paste.
                  I made a bird using wire and newspapers, covered it with this stuff , screwed it to a tree outside, watched it closely. It looked good for three years in this Illinois climate of rain, snow, 32 below zero to 100 degrees and usually high humidity (in the Miss. river valley)
                  The majority of my outdoor creations are welded steel, they be fist or kick-proof.


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                    monster mudd guardian statue

                    gosh Sean its been like three years and two computers since I had
                    that website marked.
                    I did have photos of the process of making the guardian, I sent
                    them to leonard pickel in an article I did for the other magazine
                    unfortunately he cruelly rejected it saying our haunt basically had
                    nothing to offer because we are small. I have been depressed over
                    that for a week but thats another story.
                    But I still have the photos.
                    We made a box out of wood and put a hole in the middle top of
                    the box and put a long pvc pipe inside of the box, then we
                    used pvc for the guardian's skeleton and then we covered the
                    pvc skeleton with chicken wire and then we covered the chicken
                    wire with a nice monks robe of burlap and then covered the
                    burlap with monster mudd which resulted in a fun monster
                    mudd battle in our backyard.giggles Then the hands were
                    wire which was twisted into a hole drilled in the place at the
                    pvc arm where the wrist would be and then we cut white bic
                    pens apart and cut them into finger bones and put them onto
                    the wire then painted it with latex about ten coats and then monster
                    mudd. oh the head was a very cheap four dollar skull from
                    big lots attached to the top of the pvc skeleton pole.
                    I have photos, write me at and I will
                    send them to whomever wants them.
                    Come Scream with us at SCREAM FARM