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Theories on using scent machines, scented fog, etc.

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  • Theories on using scent machines, scented fog, etc.

    I love the idea of finding ways to assault as many of the five senses as possible in haunt design. I just got the pre-TW sale email from Froggy's Fog, and am intrigued by their new scent machine. I would love to hear about what experiences those who have used scents in their attractions have had. Any theories about how to space them out or use them in the haunt? I would think having them one after the other would get nauseating, in a bad way for guests and haunt staff alike... with the result being the loss of their effectiveness.
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    Biggest thing I have seen is being used in outdoor scenes... swamp, etc. Makes you FEEL outdoors... Sometimes even using a Humidifier along with the scent to make it feel like a rainforest, etc.

    I know that Folklore uses the Froggy's scent additive to their fog, and I'm blown away by how well it blends with their forest scenes....