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    We hire entertainers at our haunts to provoke the people waiting in line. One of our the entertainers is a magician. He used a small carrying table that he could set up anywhere to perform. I saw a haunted table trick years ago that scared the hell out of people. It looked just like a regular table but when you place an object on it, it shook and sometimes this object feel from the table.

    Well, I built one out of pine for our performer. Here is the video link.

    If you watch the video please rate and friend request.

    I will have a "How-To" soon.


    ~The Imagineer~

    Andrew de Ruiter

    Download part 1 of Andrew's Black Book of ideas for haunts here:

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    Now that's cool.

    I actually have plans on a side-show attraction featuring a gypsy fortune teller. I wanted to put her in a small space- big enough for her and two guests- and add effects to the surroundings- like the table, lights, pictures, bells etc. to simulate the coming and going of the spirits as she tells fortunes. This has given me all sorts of new ideas!

    You da man- dream on, dreamer!
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