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New Haunt Vendor Debuts at TW

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  • New Haunt Vendor Debuts at TW

    Well this year at TW we will have a new vendor debut that's already familiar!! Confused yet???

    Months back we had a few threads involving some new vacuform panels...yeah now you're starting to remember!!!!

    The response was overwhelming so instead of rushing to the market they decided to wait and release at TW!!!
    Well they are called Hazard Room Props, they are from Vegas and they will be hitting St. Louis!!!

    I got a sneak peek at their studio and the good news is it's not a "garage" company but a new 7,000 sq ft warehouse.

    I saw the new vacuform panels up close and they are even better in person!! Wait till you see them!

    They are working feverishly to prepare, so hopefully they can get some pictures posted soon (forgot my camera or I would have posted some)!!

    The main artist Bob is an awesome talent, impressed with the detail in the work. And the pricing seems really reasonable.
    I've seen a lot less impressive pieces priced alot higher elsewhere.

    I'l try and get a few more details........

    R&J Productions
    Las Vegas, NV

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    New Haunt Vendor Debuts at TW

    Thanks Rich! This was one of the MAIN vendors I was planning on visiting. Im glad to hear that You are impressed! If you know these guy's, let them know Im bringing my checkbook!! I WILL be buying some Vacuform this year from somebody.

    Fear Asylum Haunted House


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      Cool I plan on checking them out at Trans World.
      a.k.a. The Butcher
      a.k.a. Hauntlord