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    OK, I asked this before along with others. I am looking for a 3D artist that does haunt work. There is a 3D artist that I thought started with "Stig" something. I can't find it in my favorites or doing a search on the forum. He does pretty good work and I got one of his designs last year at the HHA auction. But I can't find his website. Anyone direct me to who it is?

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    The only thing that I can think of that comes close is Stuart Smith. The web site is It seems to not be up at this time. His email is and phone is 231-834-0457. Hope this helps.



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      Stuart has a new website coming up shortly... but its not done yet. He is currently painted 100 plus panels for me for this year.. he did a bunch of stuff for me several years ago and his work is great! His current email address is I told him to upload all his past work up onto a flickr page and he is in the process of that right now.. just search for stuartizm... Hope this helps!

      Tim Bunch
      House Of Horrors And Haunted Catacombs


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        My favorite 3d artist is Shane, the co-owner of Raven's Wolf. They have alot of really cool 3d pics on their facebook page and on their website.!/pages/Rav...f/257313662650
        Brian Warner
        Owner of Evilusions
        Technical Director of Forsaken Haunted House
        Mechanical Designer (animatronics) at Gore Galore


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          Thanks everyone Stuart is the one I was looking for. I knew it started with an "s" but couldn't remember and ran it all together.

          I have talked with Raven's about doing some work for us. It is a possibility also. I am in need of someone to come out and paint two trailers for me all four sides, and props to flow together. Thanks for reminding me of Shane.

          I, of course, spoke to Larry as well, but I am not sure his guys have time to come out here. It's on my plate for Transworld. If anyone else is interested in talking to me about it, I would love to see your portfolio. I am looking for more realistic painting vs cartoon like.

          Thanks again everyone!


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            My Hats off to Shane At Ravens Wolf as well..... Totally recommend him, His Artwork is the BEST Ive seen hands down!
            Buried deep beneath Darksyde acres Haunted house In Michigan I'm the Best at what I do, What I do Isn't very NICE!


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              Couple things... our company has been building complete 3D haunted houses before anyone ever thought about doing so... we've had many many artists over those years and our crew we have right now are the best painters in the industry HANDS DOWN!

              THE EXACT PAINTERS who painted EVERY SINGLE INCH of Terror Visions 3D at The Darkness are working for us and doing several projects right now... we are building two blacklight mini golf attractions, one blacklight haunted houses and are lining up other attractions which will keep us busy for a while. We will be taking haunted house work from those who need artists. We will offer a package at the show to theme your haunted house.

              I personally design and conceptualize all of our projects then I have our artists draw pictures for us then I meet with them make changes then pass that along to the client for approval from there our artist paint all murals, props and sets. The artists we have now again are simply the best team... plus when we are overworked or need to meet deadlines we hire more artists. Right now we have four working full time... we might have to hire even more than that.

              We can handle any project.

              The issue is always going to be budgets and costs. We also build ENTIRE 3D attractions from scratch including, maze systems, sound, facades, scares, shipping and installation.

              We've built hundreds of attractions.

              The reality is that 3D haunted house are really not that popular for our industry. I know a lot of people like our attraction reality is though we only did one because of our main company does so much 3D work... so we like to have something to show clients. Otherwise we wouldn't have built our secondary attraction as a 3D. 3D attractions are really good for those haunts who need a 3rd or 4th attraction to add onto a screampark. Otherwise they can't stand on their own I found that out many years ago... when i had one.

              Anyway we have a MAJOR MAJOR surprise at the show for ANYONE who needs or wants to add on a 3D haunt... this is HUGE!!!! I can't say anything about it until the show itself!

              I can't afford for everyone to find out about before the show.

              But if you want to really raise your events attendance come talk to me at the show.

              If you simply are looking to have your attraction painted send me an email

              Larry Kirchner


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                Spookhaven, sent you a PM



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                  Originally posted by drfrightner View Post
                  our crew we have right now are the best painters in the industry HANDS DOWN!

                  The best painters... hands down? Not really.
                  Stewart has a talent nobody else can touch. Its from the soul that he does his work. That and an airbrush...
                  Not to knock your artist's work and they are really good...
                  But hands down? nah....
                  Creator of the Dungeon


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                    Everything is a matter of opinion and I re-state 'HANDS DOWN' ... Stewart has his own style its like HR Giger look, that is not what we do. I've never seen Stewert paint the same kinds of things we do however if you like that style then you'd like it better than anything... its not what I would do but if it works for you great.

                    Its really no different than who has the best haunted house... well what do you like? What is your favorite drink do you like Pepsi or Coke, Beer or Wine. When I look at what is out there and what we do yes I think its hands down the best. Again that is my opinion!

                    Larry Kirchner


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                      Larry, I talked to you through email. Will make it a point to get over to the booth and see what you have to offer. My final decision will be made at Transworld.

                      Thank you everyone who have given your opinions. It's nice to see there are more artist's out there then I knew of. Personally, I think 3D is a nice part of an attraction especially with all the 3D/4D movies coming out.

                      If anyone knows of others that we might consider, please feel free to send me a PM or email.


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                        We have anywhere between 3 and 6 artists or more just depending on how much work we have going on. Right now we have four guys working everyday. We are going to have some packages which we'll discuss at the show where we can come in and revamp your 3D haunt, or even build you a complete 3D haunted house. However we're going to have something at the show that hopefully will be the talk of the show. Can't say much about it right now but you'll see soon enough. Larry
                        Larry Kirchner


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                          I will be over on Thursday to see what you have up your sleeve and will make my decision after talking with you.

                          Thank everyone for the info on the other 3D artist. Can't say I have a favorite. Really think it depends on the theme. All are good but some are more willing to discuss things with you to make an informed decision. Customer service means a lot.