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Talon Falls Haunt KY Fire

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  • Talon Falls Haunt KY Fire

    Heard from a friend in KY that Talon Falls Haunt in KY was on fire. It is one of the haunts scheduled to be open for Transworld.

    Check out link

    Last I checked news feed it was still burning, and being attended to by fire fighters. Not to much in the way of details known. Although someone said they had posted on their (Talon Falls) facebook page. Here's hoping that no one got hurt. Thoughts and prayers with owners and their crew.

    Scaren Karen
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    It is a always a dark day in the world of haunting when we hear of a haunt attraction burning.

    The fire did destroy several of the attractions at the park.
    According to the Graves County Emergency Management Director, the only attractions which survived were the Dead End Haunted House and the Blood Creek Hayride.

    At least they did not lose everything. This is some good news on a dark day in the world haunting.
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      This is a terrible tragedy for them, I was looking forward to seeing this attraction. Thank god no one was hurt or seriously injured. This is the time the industry has to stand together and lend a helping hand or a kind voice.
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        As someone who volunteered at Talon Falls for roughly five years and quit due to many issues. I'm glad nobody's hurt and I hope this wasn't arson but only time will tell. We can all learn two lessons from this:

        1. treat everybody fairly, from your actors and staff to other competing haunts. As a community that tends to emphasize togetherness, I think this is a big thing. Life has a funny way of bringing things full circle.

        2. Safety. Fire retard anything and everything and make sure there's nothing obstructing any paths. Imagine if this had been two weeks later during the tour. Glad it happened when nobody was there.
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